IT Service Catalogue

The IT Service Catalogue provides Staff and Students of Plymouth University with a centralised, organised and structured view of available supported information technologies for enabling business and learning. It provides a basis for understanding the nature of the service and where to go to request information about the service, gaining access to the service or raising support queries in the event of issues. The catalogue is arranged into groups as Service Categories which show services which have a common relationship in terms of the technologies delivered and the in way that they are supported.


Service Category

Category Description


Desktop Computing Services

Services that enable routine work or study, including provision of access to network services and user file storage. Provision of standard set of software apps.


Telephony & Voice Communications

Services that provide communication via analogue, digital, mobile telephony and audio conferencing.


Printing, Photocopy and Document Scanning Services

Services that enable networked printing, photocopying and document scanning.


Collaboration, Communications and Email Services

Services that enable communication via electronic mail and messaging and provide electronic calendars and planners.


Web Services

Services that facilitate broader communication via global communications, web content management, web application development and hosting, and media development. Wired and wireless connectivity.


Connectivity, Servers & Storage

Enterprise-level hardware, software, systems, and network infrastructure that provide underlying support for University activities. Includes data centres, structured cabled networking, wireless networking, central storage and system backup solutions, server virtualisation, systems management and operations.


Teaching, Learning Technology and Research


Online services that directly support teaching and learning, including Digital E-learning Environment (DLE), e-portfolios, Library catalogue system. 

Audio-Visual, Media and Events Management

Services that provide communication via video/web conferencing, educational tutoring/presentation via digital projection and tele-visual technologies and content capture.


Accounts, Passwords and Computer Security

Infrastructure and services that provide security, data integrity, and compliance for institutional activities. Includes security services such as virus protection, encryption, privacy, data security, identity management solutions, access controls (i.e., passwords, accounts, and authentication), audit and monitoring systems and services, and data access and management.


Advice, Support, Guidance and Training

Consultative Services that are both customer-facing and technical. Includes IT training, consulting/advisory services, business continuity/disaster recovery, enterprise architecture, portfolio/project management and IT Service Management.


Business Software

Broad range of specialist Software and Enterprise tools for Business, Faculty and Students