Delegate accounts and private email
Q: Why can't I see all the items in a shared mailbox? 
A:  The Microsoft Outlook client is designed to filter messages marked as private so that only the intended recipient is able to view the message in their inbox.  The filtering process prevents delegates from viewing the contents of private messages that were intended for the original recipient only.

This means that if you add another user’s mailbox or a delegated generic account to your Microsoft Outlook profile, when you open this other mailbox, you are not able to view messages that are marked private.

To enable delegates to see messages marked as private, follow these steps in Outlook.

1.    The Originators (shared) account must set this up for all delegates

2.    On the Tools menu, click Options, then click Delegates tab

3.    Click Permissions and assign reviewer permissions (or higher) to the inbox

4.    Click to select the “Delegate can see my private items” check box

5.    Click OK and then Apply

Please note that once you have allowed this then all emails marked private will be able to be read within your mailbox by your delegates.

Tip: It would be good practice to login to Generic accounts and set up this access for all delegates of the account, in case someone does send an email marked private.