1. Library and Digital Support

The Charles Seale-Hayne Library is situated at the heart of the City Centre Campus next to the Students' Union.

The Library provides access to approximately 350,000 print books, 498,000 e-books, 14,000 current journal subscriptions, and a variety of study facilities. In one central location there are the resources you need carry out research (books, journals, internet), to present your work (computers, photocopiers, loan equipment, shop) and experienced, friendly staff to help you.

See our opening times.

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1.1. Library Access
1.1.1. Library access and exit

Access to the Library

Use your University of Plymouth card on the entry gate to access the library. Please be vigilant with your belongings in the library and do not leave them unattended. Only assistance animals are allowed into the building.

Exit alarm

If the library exit alarm sounds as you leave, please go to the reception desk to have your items checked. Occasionally items may not be properly 'desensitised'. 

If you have items which have not been issued correctly, the incident will be recorded and if appropriate, the items will then be issued correctly to you. 

Any person stopped at the Library exit whilst making a deliberate attempt to remove materials from the Library without having them issued, may have their borrowing rights suspended pending an interview with the Library Customer Service Manager or their nominee. The Library Rules form part of the Code of Conduct and General Regulations for students, and the University's Disciplinary Procedures may, therefore, be invoked in cases of alleged misconduct or breach of the rules.

Lost University card

If you lose your University card you should obtain a new one from the Card office as soon as possible.

If you lose an associate member library card or enabler access card you should report this to staff at the reception desk as soon as possible.

1.2. Borrowing and returning items
1.2.1. Borrowing from the Library

University of Plymouth staff and students are automatically members of the library. You will need your University card to access the library building and to borrow from the library stock. Library membership expires when your course ends or your staff contract expires.

As well as borrowing books and DVDs, you can borrow video cameras, digital SLR cameras and voice recorders. Please see our Equipment Loans article for further details.

Taking a book out
There are two self-issue machines on Level 1 of the Charles Seale-Hayne Library next to the entrance gates.

  • You will need to use your University ID card to take books out.
  • The self-issue machines will display the titles and due dates of the books you issue. Further instructions for using the machines can be found here.
  • A book will be loaned to you for 6 weeks unless there is a queue of users who have requested the item. In this case it will be loaned for 7 days.

Check your library account and renew your loans regularly. If your issued item is subsequently requested, the due date may change.

Requests and Recalls
Read our Requests and Recalls article to find out 

  • How you can request an item that is on loan
  • What happens if any books you have on loan are requested. 

Overdue Loans and Charges
Make sure you understand what happens if your books become overdue and our overdue charges policy.

Check your University emails regularly for library notifications.

Journals are reference only and can be found on Level 0 of the main library.

Books not for loan
Some items cannot be taken out of the library. These items will usually be indicated by a Reference sticker, stamp or a ‘Ref’ label on the spine.

Books we do not have in stock
If you need a book or article that we do not stock (if it is something we have in stock but is on loan you should make a request) then you may be able to request an Inter Library Loan. Inter Library Loans (ILL) are lent from the British Library or an alternative library. These items can have varying due dates and in some cases are reference only.

There are two self-return machines on Level 1 next to the Information desk, close to the entrance gates.

  • You do not need your University ID card to return books
  • Instructions on how to return a book can be found here

Check your library account to make sure all returned books have come off of your account. If there are any discrepancies please contact us straight away.

You can renew your books via Primo.

  • Click on Sign In at the top right corner of the page.
  • Select the appropriate login option
  • Sign in using your University email address and password
  • Click on Library account found either in the top menu or below the search box
  • Click on Loans
  • You will see a list of all the items on loan to you.
  • Click on Renew for individual items or click on Renew All
  • Click on your name in the top right corner to sign out.

You may not be able to renew if 

  • Your account has been suspended due to overdue charges or lost items
  • The item you wish to renew has been requested by someone else

If you are unsure why your items are not renewable or you have any other queries please contact us

Borrowing Entitlement


How many?

How long?



*6 weeks



*6 weeks

Initial Teacher Education (ITE) students


*6 weeks

Plus an additional 40 from the School Experience Collection (SEC)

*16 weeks



*6 weeks

*Unless requested. If an item is recalled you will be asked to return it within 7 days, or by the existing due date, whichever is sooner. Late return of a recalled item will result in overdue charges. 

Contact Details


(01752) 588588
1.2.2. Borrowing from KSpa

As you cannot use your University ID card to borrow items from the Knowledge Spa, you will need to register locally for a separate library card.

You can search their catalogue, SWIMS, at http://www.swims.nhs.uk

For further information about Truro Knowledge Spa, please see their website at http://www.cornwall.nhs.uk/Library or see our Nursing Libguide

1.2.3. Requests and Recalls

  • If all copies of a book are on loan you can make a request.
  • If you have a book on loan that is requested it will need to be returned within 7 days, or by the existing due date, whichever is sooner. These are referred to as recalled loans.
  • If you need a book or article that we do not stock (if it is something we have in stock but is on loan you should make a request) then you may be able to request an Inter Library Loan. Inter Library Loans (ILL) are lent from the British Library or an alternative library. These items can have varying due dates and in some cases are reference only.

The request system is in place to ensure all users have fair access to library stock.

Making a Request

  • Go to Primo
  • Click on Sign In at the top right corner of the page.
  • Select the appropriate login option
  • Sign in using your University email address and password
  • Search for the item you want
  • Click on the title to view the item record.
  • Check all copies are out on loan
  • Underneath Find in Library click on I want this book.
  • In the dialogue box that opens, click on Request.
  • A message will say that the request has been placed.

If you consistently have problems finding an item on the shelves that shows as available on Primo contact the library.

Collecting Requests 

  • You will be notified by email once your request is ready to collect. You will have 7 days to collect your request.
  • Your email will contain an expiry date and the shelf mark number of the item. You will need this information when collecting the book.
  • You will need to collect the item before the expiry date
  • Requests can be collected from the reservation shelving on level 1 near the entrance gates.
  • Requests are kept in expiry date order and can be identified by their shelfmark number.
  • Issue your item as usual before leaving the library. The book will be loaned to you for 6 weeks unless there is a queue of users who have requested the item. In this case it will be loaned for 7 days.

Recalled loans 

  • If someone requests an item you have on loan, you will be asked to return it within 7 days, or by the existing due date, whichever is sooner. You will not be able to renew.
  • If the item is not returned within the recalled due date you will incur overdue charges (£2 per day up to £50).
  • A recall request can be placed at any time therefore due dates may be subject to change. It is vital to check your library account and university email regularly for notifications. 

Contact Details


(01752) 588588

1.2.4. PAHC Library Courier Service

  • A book returns service between the PAHC Library and University of Plymouth Library will operate during term-time.
  • The service is available to all University of Plymouth students and staff.
  • The service will operate from the PAHC library to the University of Plymouth library ONLY to return University of Plymouth Library stock.
  • You will not be able to return Inter Library Loan items via this service or return PAHC Library items to PAHC Library via the University of Plymouth Library and there are no plans to offer this service in the future.
  • All items returned via this service are your responsibility until they are returned on our library system at the UoP library, so please allow at least 2 working days from when you return the item at PAHC until it is officially discharged from your library account. You will need to ensure that the item has been renewed if the due date is imminent or you will be liable for the overdue charges if it is returned late at the UoP library.
  • To return items to the UoP library, please place them in the box at the PAHC Library. PAHC library staff will be able to direct you to this. No receipts will be issued at PAHC so please make sure items are placed in the correct place and check your library account after 2 working days to make sure they have been discharged from your library account.
  • Boxes returning items to the UoP library will be collected Monday, Wednesday and Friday only.
  • There is no returns service at weekends or during vacations.
  • You may still prefer to return items directly to the University of Plymouth Library where they will be discharged from your library account immediately.Please use the self return machines located on Level 1.
  • You can also return items by post if you are on placement or live at a distance although you will need to pay the return postage rate. The address to return items to by post is; The Charles Seale-Hayne Library, University of Plymouth, Drake Circus, Plymouth, PL4 8AA.

If you have any queries, for example, if an item is still on your library account more than 2 working days after you have returned it at the PAHC Library, please contact libanditenquiries@plymouth.ac.uk



1.3. Overdue Loans and Charges
1.3.1. Overdue Loans & Charges

Overdue loans

  • If any items on your account become overdue, your library account will be suspended. For assistance, contact us.
  • You should check your account and renew your loans regularly, as loan periods will be shortened if items are requested.
  • Any loans 6 weeks or more overdue, (you will be charged a 'lost item replacement' fee).
  • Equipment loans overdue by 14 days or more will be deemed lost and you will be charged the full replacement cost of the item.
  • You will be charged if an item is requested and you do not return it on time. If an item is already overdue when it is requested, you will be charged overdue fees from the date of the request.
  • A renewal fee will be added to your account for any overdue Inter Library loans.


Overdue Requested Item and Overdue equipment


Overdue Inter Library Loan


Lost Item


£2 per day to a maximum of £50 per item


£4.85 renewal fee per item


Cost of item replacement from library suppliers


If you have charges of £25 or over on your account, you will receive a University invoice

You can pay charges:

  • At the Reception Desk on level 1 of the library with a bank card or with your University card pre-loaded with money. We do not accept cash.
  • By phone (01752) 588588 with a debit or credit card
  • By cheque, made payable to 'Plymouth University', posted to Library and Digital Support, The Charles Seale-Hayne Library, Plymouth University, Drake Circus, Plymouth, PL4 8AA

For invoiced charges, follow directions at the bottom of the invoice to pay by BACS.

Once a lost item has been paid for (before or after invoice) we will purchase a replacement copy and so we will not accept returned items or offer refunds. Please contact LibraryandITenquiries@plymouth.ac.uk /Library Reception Desk with any queries.

Extenuating Circumstances

If you incur overdue charges due to circumstances such as illness or bereavement, the charges may be waived. For more information see our Library Fines Exceptions Policy.

Library email notifications

The following library notices will be sent to your university email address:

  • Library Courtesy Notice - 7 days before due date of loaned item.
  • Library Due Date Reminder - on due date.
  • Library Overdue Items Warning - 3 weeks overdue.
  • Library Overdue Items Bill - 6 weeks overdue (will be charged a 'lost item replacement' fee).
  • Library Loan Update/Recall - when you need to return an item requested by another user.


1.3.2. Library Fines Exceptions Policy

Library Fines Exceptions Policy

Please contact us to discuss waiving fines. Fines will normally be waived in line with the circumstances below.

 Circumstances normally accepted

 Personal Circumstance

 Notes/evidence required

 Medical exemption

 Users should provide a medical certificate covering the 
 relevant dates, (registered disabled students may         
 provide evidence from DAS if applicable).


 No formal evidence required

 Exceptional personal circumstances or  family issues

 Users are requested to provide confirmation from their

 Serious and unforeseeable transport or
 weather related difficulties

 Waivers in these circumstances will not apply to those
 living in Plymouth

 University system error
 No evidence required

 Circumstances not normally accepted

 Personal Circumstance


 User didn’t realise/ forgot to check emails/  didn’t check library account

 Users are encouraged at all times to check emails and  library account regularly

 User is away from campus, at a
 conference, on placement, or on business
 related to their work/studies

 Users are expected to make arrangements prior to  going away on planned absences from the  University

 User lives at a distance

 Users living at a distance can use the Postal Loans  system

 International students at home during

 Users are expected to prepare beforehand and we
 advise that library items should not be taken out of the

 User has been on holiday

 Users are expected to make prior arrangements prior
 to going away on holiday

 Students with disabilities

 Waivers will only be applied if a medical certificate
 supplied, or individual circumstances have been
 confirmed through Disability Assist.

 Temporary loss of access to email/internet
 (including work place restrictions on
 access to email)

 Users are expected to make alternative arrangements  to access email

 Items stolen or damaged while at home

 Users are advised to claim compensation for the
 charges incurred via their insurance policy

 Email reminders are not received

 All automated notices are itemised on your library
 account.  Unless we cannot find a trace of a notice on
 your account then a waiver will not apply.
 All emails are sent to your University email address

 User has lent the item to someone
 else/someone else has used their card to
 borrow the item

 Users are responsible for all items loaned on their
 account and should not loan their University or Library
 card to anyone else as they will be liable for all loans
 and charges
1.4. Inter Library Loans
1.4.1. Inter Library Loans (ILL)

The Inter-Library Loan (ILL) service enables you to request items that are not held at the University of Plymouth library. 

We will supply ILLs to University of Plymouth, Staff, Postgraduate researchers, Taught Postgraduates and stage 3 Undergraduates researching for their dissertation. Students of Partner Colleges should contact their college Library for details of local ILL provision. Please see our Inter Library Loans Policy.

Before placing an Inter Library Loan check 

  • The ILL requests you make are for books or articles essential to your studies
  • The library does not already hold the item
  • It is not available freely online
  • You are able to collect and return an ILL book in person

If you need help accessing alternative resources, please speak to your Information Specialist

Making an ILL Request 

  • Log in to Primo with your Plymouth University user name and password.

  • Search for the item in Primo by clicking on the Inter Library Loans link at the top of the page.

  • Select the appropriate request type, either Article, Book, or Journal, and fill in as much information as you can.

  • Click on Submit.

  • If an Inter Library Loan request is necessary (i.e. the item cannot be supplied from our own stock) you will receive the message: Your search did not match any resources in the library. Use the link/s below in order to request the resource from other libraries.

  • Click on the link Submit an Interlibrary loan request; the Resource information form will appear, pre-populated with your request details.

  • Edit as necessary, remembering to choose the Digital format for articles, as this means they can be forwarded directly to you. If you need the requested content in an alternative format, due to disability, you should mention this in the Comments field.

  • Click on the Request button.

  • Scroll up the page to make sure the message Request placed has appeared.

If you cannot submit an Interlibrary loan request because the item is listed in Primo as available, but is in fact missing, please email illply@plymouth.ac.uk.

Getting your ILL

Some items cannot be supplied by the British Library immediately. They may be on loan to another customer, or the British Library may not hold them in stock. If this is the case we will let you know and ask you if you want us to recall the item, or try to borrow the item from another lending library; these items can take longer to supply, may be subject to different loan periods, and will not always be able to be renewed.

ILL Charges

You are not currently charged for making an ILL request. However, other fees apply.

  • There is a £5.45 renewal fee, which will be added to your library account automatically if the item becomes overdue.

  • There is a £15 failure to collect fee, which will be added to your library account if you fail to collect your physical book or journal request from the library.

  • Lost inter library loan books from the British Library will be charged at a minimum of £185.50. Other suppliers may charge different fees. These may be able to be refunded, minus an administration fee, if the lost item is returned within six weeks.

Contact Details

ILL Team illply@plymouth.ac.uk

(01752) 588766

1.4.2. Inter Library Loan Articles and Book Chapters

If you have requested a journal article or book chapter via Inter Library Loans, it will usually be delivered as a downloadable PDF (also referred to as an SED – Secure Electronic Delivery document).

To access the PDF you will need to have an On Demand account with the British Library.

Important Information about your PDF:

  • To open documents you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader (you can get Adobe Acrobat Reader for free from https://get.adobe.com/uk/reader/ ).

  • Content can only be printed once, but can be downloaded to multiple devices.

  • You have 30 days from receipt of the email in which to download the content.

  • Downloaded content will remain available for 3 years.

  • Content can also be viewed and downloaded from any device via the link on the email, and can be transferred via USB stick.

  • You cannot alter the file in any way, although if your version of Adobe allows it you may be able to add brief notes.

Printed Articles

  • On occasion an article may be provided as a print copy by the lending library.

  • You will receive an email asking you to collect the item, by a specific date, from the Information Desk on Level 1 of the Charles Seale-Hayne Library. The print copy is yours to keep.

  • If you are unable to collect your request by the specified date, contact Inter Library Loans straight away. Failure to collect a request will result in a £15 non-collection fee being added to your account. 

Contact Details

1.4.3. British Library On Demand account

You will need to create an On Demand account with the British Library in order to access your Inter Library loan article or book chapter. 

How to register for a British Library On Demand account

Please note; it may take 5-10 minutes for your account to become active. If you cannot immediately open your document try again later.

  • Go to https://ondemand.bl.uk/onDemand/home and click on Register (top right hand corner).

  • On the next screen, under Don’t have a British Library Online Account yet? click on Register.

  • Enter your details:
    Email - Use your University email address
    Username – at least 6 characters (avoid using the @ symbol)
    Password – 8-20 characters, including capital, lower case, and number

  • Click on Register.

  • On the next screen, click on OK.

  • An activation email will be sent to your registered email account. Click on the link, and enter your registered On Demand Username and Password, to activate your account.

  • You will be asked for some additional information. Fill out the mandatory fields and click on Next.

  • Accept the terms and conditions and click on Finish.

  • You will receive a registration confirmation email. 

Opening a document

You must open the document using Adobe Acrobat Reader (you can get Adobe Acrobat Reader for free from https://get.adobe.com/uk/reader/ ).

If this does not happen automatically you will need to: 

  • Find where your document has download, right click on it, select Open with and select Adobe Reader

  • Disable or bypass your browsers built in document viewer via settings. See attached instructions below.

  • Please note; Most issues are caused by a device or browser using a document viewer other than Adobe Acrobat Reader to open the PDF. This can lead to a message stating that the file is ‘corrupted’ or that it cannot be opened.

Once Adobe Reader opens up you will get a login box. Enter your On Demand Username and Password.

If you get an Access to this document is restricted message, try the following:

  • In Adobe Reader go to Edit > Preferences > Security.

  • Click on Clear remembered account information and confirm

  • Retry the download link

If you are still having problems accessing your article you will need to contact the British Library at customer-services-accounts@bl.uk. Please provide as much information as possible and screenshots if applicable.

Please note: Content can only be printed once, but can be viewed and downloaded from any device via the link on the email.

1.4.4. Collecting, Returning and Renewing Inter Library Loans


  • Please make sure you are able to collect and return an ILL book in person.

  • If you request a physical copy of an ILL (book, journal or photocopy) you will receive an email informing you of its availability and due date.

  • Collect your request from the Information Desk on level 1.

  • If you are unable to collect your request by the specified date, contact the Inter Library Loans team straight away. Failure to collect a request will result in a £15 non-collection fee being added to your account.

  • Some books may be Reference which means they can only be read in the library. They will be kept at the Information Desk for you to use in the library as often as you wish within the loan period.

    Reference only restrictions are imposed by the supplying library, usually because a book is rare or in high demand. 

Due date and Returning

  • Do not remove the paper label wrapped around the book. It will give you information about the return date and any other restrictions imposed by the British Library.

  • Once issued to you, the book will show on your Library account as an Inter Library Loan with the date it is due back.

  • You must return the book to staff at the Information Desk on Level 1 of the Charles Seale-Hayne Library. Do not return the book through the return machines or the red returns bin.


If there is no one else waiting for the book you should be able to renew, subject to the terms specified by the lender. Each renewal will cost you £5.45 per item. You must renew via email- you cannot renew yourself or at the information desk.

Please email illply@plymouth.ac.uk team at least 2 days before your book is due for return.

Contact Details


(01752) 588766

1.5. Resources
1.5.1. Library Subject Guides – resources & support for your subject


Find relevant resources plus help and support for your subject in the Library’s Subject Guides.


Each guide covers a broad subject area and contains the following:

•            Links to Primo and specific resources such as online journals or databases for your subject

•            How to get the full text off-campus

•            Contact details for your Information Specialist

•            Help with referencing & avoiding plagiarism

•            General library information for new students such as how to borrow books

•            Twitter for library news & updates

•            A place for you to give feedback

1.5.2. Special Collections


The Special Collections Archive can be found on Level 3, Room 305 in the Charles Seale-Hayne Library. It includes

  • Rare Books
  • Artists' Books
  • Rare Journals
  • Exeter College of Art & Design Archive 

To view any of the collections it is necessary to have an induction from one of the Information specialists. To book an induction please email: informationspecialists@plymouth.ac.uk. 

Please see our Special Collections Library Guide for further information. 

1.5.3. Resources for School Experience


The School Experience Collection is located on Level 2 of the library. These teaching resources include fiction and non-fiction books and classroom resources in a variety of formats, e.g. DVDs, posters and project packs. Students on Initial Teaching Training courses can borrow up to 40 items from this collection in addition to their usual allocation. Other library users can borrow these items within their usual book limit for three weeks.


The classification system is as follows:

J 001 – J 999 Junior non-fiction
OS J 001 – OS J 999 Oversize junior non-fiction
J AAA – J ZZZ Junior fiction
JS AAA – JS ZZZ Junior short fiction
JP AAA – JP ZZZ Junior picture books
JPB AAA - JPB ZZZ Junior picture books (large format)
JPL AAA – JPL ZZZ Junior foreign language picture books


The reference only section:
JREF 001 – JREF 999 contains schemes of work and lesson plans for different subject areas.



For further information on how to use this collection follow this link to the Library Subject Guide.
1.5.4. Copyright, Licensing and Intellectual Property Information

Information and guidance on copyright and licensing for students and staff can be found in the Copyright LibGuide.

The University Intellectual Property Policy can be found here.

For further advice contact: informationspecialists@plymouth.ac.uk

1.5.5. Harvard Referencing

We recommend the following guide:

Pears, R. & Shields, G. (2013) Cite them right: the essential referencing guide. 9th edn. Basingstoke: Palgrave


Also available electronically via Primo and the Library Subject Guides: http://plymouth.libguides.com/referencing


This is a generic guide and is suitable for all University of Plymouth students using the Harvard referencing style. In addition to the online guide, there are multiple copies available in the library, however you should check your module handbook for any specific guidelines required by your department. 


Students can also have a free EndNote Online account to assist them with referencing. A Plymouth cite them right style has been created for EndNote Online. 

1.5.6. What is an ISBN / ISSN?

I have been asked to provide an ISBN / ISSN what is this?


ISBN (International Standard Book Number) and ISSN (International Standard Serial Number) are unique numbers which are given to most publications. If you are wish to request a book from the library, or to buy your own copy, this number will help to ensure that you have the correct item.

If you can supply the ISBN or ISSN for an item you are requesting, it will help to speed up the processing of your request.
1.5.7. ISBNs and ISSNs

I want to publish an item under the imprint of ‘University of Plymouth’, how do I get an ISBN or ISSN?


ISBNs for monographs can be obtained by emailing isbnrequests@plymouth.ac.uk. If you want the item to be widely publicised you should also complete a Nielsen BookData Title Submission form, available via the Library office or directly from http://www.nielsenbookdata.co.uk

ISSNs for new journals or serial publications are obtained from the British Library, at the address below:

ISSN UK Centre
The British Library
Boston Spa
West Yorkshire
LS23 7BQ

Tel: +44 (0)1937 546959
Fax: +44 (0)1937 546562
Email: issn-uk@bl.uk


1.5.8. Out of Hours Coursework Submission Box

Students from the following faculties can use a post box located in the library to submit their coursework when the school admin offices are closed.

  • Science and Engineering
  • Arts and Humanities
  • Business
The post box is sited by the main entrance doors on Level 1.

Submitting Coursework through the out of hours box
  • When using this facility please remember to staple your work and attach a front cover sheet.
  • You must include a photocopy of your University Card for scanning purposes.
  • Any work posted in this coursework submission box will be collected and scanned through the normal coursework receipt system and you should receive an email receipt by 10:00 am the next working day.
Please note: Library staff are unable to answer queries and do not have access to this box.

Please direct any queries during normal working hours to:
Science and Engineering, Room 015 Smeaton
Arts and Humanities, 1st Floor Roland Levinsky
Business, 3rd Floor Cookworthy


1.6. Study Areas
1.6.1. Study Areas

The library has a variety of study areas across four floors to support your learning needs.

Group study areas

The main group study areas are on Level 1 and Level 2. There are also group tables in the Level 0 atrium.

  • Show respect to other users and keep conversation noise to a reasonable level.
  • Mobile phones and laptops can be used.
  • Be mindful that excessive noise can travel to adjoining areas and cause disturbance to other users.

Quiet Study areas

The whole of Level 3 is a quiet study zone. A small quiet study area is also on Level 0, near the North stairs.

  • Users must work quietly at all times.
  • Mobile phones should be set to silent, although texting etc is allowed. Laptops and other mobile devices can be used with headphones.
  • Be mindful that conversation and other noise can cause annoyance, particularly when passing through an area.

Silent study room

A small room (309) is available on Level 3 for silent study.

  • Users must work silently at all times.
  • Mobile phones should be switched off and laptops and other mobile devices should not be used.
  • Refrain from eating and be mindful that even slight sounds can disrupt other users.

Bookable Library Study Rooms

Bookable study rooms, of varying sizes, are available across all floors. Please see our Bookable Study Rooms article for information about the rooms and how to book.

Computing Areas (Open Access Computing Areas)

We have PCs and a number of Macs in the Library available for students to use on a first-come basis. Also see our software article .

There are computing areas in the 24/7 Learning Space, Level 0 and Level 1 with a limited number of PCs on Level 2 and Level 3.

There is also a main open access area on Level 1 of the Babbage building.

Level 0 Learning Space

This room houses PCs and study spaces with plenty of power points for laptops.

The room is open 24/7 all year round and is only accessible via the Level 0 foyer. You cannot access the main library directly from this area and will need to exit the room via the Level 0 foyer and enter the main library via the level 1 main entrance.To enter and exit the room you must swipe your University card*.

*The system must register you as entering and leaving the room. Failure to do so could result in users being locked in or out of the room.

Postgrad Room / Special Collections

This is a swipe access only room (305) on Level 3 for University of Plymouth postgrad students.

The room is occasionally used for teaching, which is advertised in advance, and houses the Special Collections.


A mathematics and statistics drop-in for University of Plymouth undergraduate students is held in the Sum:UP area on Level 1, available during term time.

1.6.2. Additional Study Areas

In addition to the study areas in the Library you can find study spaces, called Your Space, across campus.

Areas differ in size and comprise of a variety of seating and tables with power points for your devices. See table below and campus map attachment for area locations.



No. Spaces


Ground Floor


1st Floor


2nd Floor



Ground Floor Foyer (next to the Café)





Ground Floor


1st Floor



1st Floor Corridor



2nd Floor Corridor


Your Spaces are managed by Library & Digital Support.

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1.6.3. Bookable Study rooms (Library)

There are a limited number of bookable study rooms available for use by students and staff located on all floors of the library.

All rooms are equipped with a university networked PC. Selected group rooms additionally have an LCD presentation screen and/or a whiteboard.

Room No.

Level / floor





12 people

PC / Whiteboard / LCD presentation screen



4 people

PC / Whiteboard /LCD presentation screen

011 - 014


2 people




8 people

PC / Whiteboard     

109 - 113


4 people

PC / Whiteboard



6 people

PC / Whiteboard / LCD presentation screen

206 - 207


4 people

PC / Whiteboard

208 - 213


2 people




7 people

PC / Presentation screen

302, 303, 307


1 person

PC / Whiteboard

Please note; from 07:00 – 08:00 the rooms are closed for cleaning

How to Book a room

  • Go to the library study room booking system Resource Booker
  • Enter your University email and password to log in.
  • Select the tile Student Study Rooms (Charles Seale Hayne Library)

  • In the Refine Search section, to the right, you can select a date and time. This will display the rooms on the floor levels that are available.


  • Select the study room that you wish to book.
  • In the form, add your name in the Booking title field, check the details, add your contact telephone number and click on Book.


  • You will see your booking on a calendar and confirmation will be sent to your University email address.

View or cancel existing bookings

  • Log in to Resource Booker with your University email and password
  • Go to My Bookings on the left of the screen
  • On the calendar, find your booking and click on it.
  • In the form either click on Edit or Cancel

Accessing your booked room

Scan your university card under the keypad unit next to the door.

Booking terms and conditions

  • A maximum of 12 bookings a week, per person, can be booked.
  • Each booking is for a maximum of 2 hours. Multiple bookings can be made back-to-back.
  • Bookings can be made up to 4 weeks in advance..
  • Rooms should be vacated promptly at the end of the booked period.


1.7. Equipment
1.7.1. Printing, Copying and Scanning

Multifunction Devices

The University has a fleet of Ricoh digital black & white and colour multifunction devices which offer:

  • Standard A4 and A3 size prints/copies
  • Black & white or Colour prints/copies
  • Enlarge or reduce your originals
  • 2-sided prints/copies
  • Sorting and stapling finishing options
  • Scan to email and one drive
  • Prints/copies on coloured paper, card and OHP transparencies, sold at the Library Reception Desk
Full instructions are displayed above all library printers/copiers.


See attachments at the bottom of the article for instructions on:

  • copying, printing and scanning on the Ricoh multi-function devices
  • large format printing in the library
  • wireless printing from your Mac or laptop

How the system works

All students with a computing account automatically have a copy and print account.

To print or copy swipe your University card through the readers attached to all devices. Value is not held on the card itself but on a centrally held account - much like a debit card.                                             

To add money to a print account:

  • Pay online with a debit or credit card. Follow the top-up webpage instructions; it’s quick and secure. We recommend that you use Chrome as your browser to access this page.
  • Pay with a credit or debit card at the Library Reception Desk, Plymouth campus.

Print account credit can also be used to pay library charges and to buy media materials from the Library Reception Desk.

Log in to your print account to view/get a print-out of your itemised transactions - may be used to reclaim print/copy costs.

If the print system goes offline, your print account balance will automatically be set to £10 credit. Any credit used is recorded, and once the system is back online, your actual balance will be displayed.

For details of what you are able to copy under copyright law see the Copyright and Licensing Library Guide.

Charges for printing and copying

B&W using Standard-Printer/Copier


A4                 A3

B&W Photocopies or Prints per side

5p                 10p

B&W Photocopies or Prints doubled sided

9p                  19p


Colour using Standard-Printer/Copier


A4                 A3

Colour Photocopies or Prints per side

25p                 35p

Colour Photocopies or Prints doubled sided

45p                  65p


Large Format Colour and B&W Printing


     A4            A3           A2            A1         A0


             £1           £2             £4              £6              £8

1.7.2. Computing and Assistive Software


There are PCs and a limited number of Macs that you can use in the in the main library and in the Level 0 Learning Space.

See the Work at Home site for more information about available software to use at home.

High Spec PCs

These machines are available on Level 0 of the main library and in the Level 0 Learning Space. Priority for these machines is given to Library users using the engineering software provided:

  • ANSYS Icepak 14.9

  • LUSAS Modeller

  • Master series

  • SolidWorks

  • Tekla Structures

Assistive Software

MindViewAvailable on all university computers

This is ‘brain-storming’ or ‘mind-mapping’ software. It can help you with organising essays, arranging notes, planning presentations, etc. 

MindView Guide

TextHELP Read&Write - Available on all university computers

This programme includes the following features:
  • Screen reader - to read aloud from documents and web pages
  • Spell checker - homonyms (bare/bear etc.)
  • Word Wizard - to help you understand what you read 
ReadWrite Guide

Glean - License by request 

Glean is a note taking tool which is designed to improve your learning and productivity. It allows you to combine audio recordings with multimedia notes – you can:

  • Take notes in class with online learning
  • Capture audio, text and slides in one place
  • React in real-time with Quick Labels
  • Quickly navigate audio using speech bubbles

For more information see their website.

Please note; We hold a limited number of licences for Glean and we grant access by application to those who have declared a disability to us and international students – please contact studentservices@plymouth.ac.uk for more information

See the Library Guide for more information on assistive equipment and software.

1.7.3. Library laptop loans

We are currently unable to offer a laptop loan service.

Laptops are available to borrow from Level 1 of the library for use in the library only.

Associate or discretionary users will not be able to use this facility.

Loanable laptops are installed with Microsoft office, internet browser and printers.

You can borrow a laptop for up to 4 hours. If you need a laptop for longer you will need to return it and borrow another one. You will need your University card to issue a laptop to your library account. The laptop can be used anywhere in the library (but not taken out of the building) and will give you access to your files on OneDrive.

Laptops that are returned late will incur a charge of £2.00 per day. 

All loan laptops will reset themselves when they are shutdown so make sure you have saved your work to OneDrive before shutting down.

Please note that you are responsible for the laptop while it is on loan to you. It must not be left unattended or loaned to anyone else as a fee may be charged for lost, stolen or damaged laptops. If you need to leave the library, please return the laptop.

 The laptop is issued without a charger and should only be plugged in when it is returned to the locker.

Should you require any help, please visit the Digital Advice Zone or Reception desk on Level 1. 



1.7.4. Media Supplies and Equipment


The following items are available for purchase from the Information Desk on level 1.

Prices as of 1st August 2020.

 Item  Size  Price
 Comb binders  10mm, 12mm &   14mm  35p
 Comb binding set(Comb + Front plastic cover + Back A4 card  75p
 Wire binders  various sizes  50p
 Wire binding set Wire + Front plastic   90p
 Channel binders (Black A4)

 3.5mm, 7mm, 10.5mm

No lettering possible 

 Fastback binders  A4 narrow, medium &   wide  55p
 Fastback binding set Fastback + Front plastic cover + Back A4 card 95p
 Punched clear cover OHP





 Unibinding All sizes, no card £1.30
 Foam board  A1  £3.00
 Daler board  A1 Black & white  £1.75
 Grey modelling card  A1 0.74mm  55p
   A1 1.5mm  £1.10

 Card  A4 160 gsm Black, white, yellow,green,blue,red  20p
 A3 160 gsm Black & white  40p
 OHP acetate sheet  A4 Black & white  20p
 A3 Black & white  40p
 Tracing paper  A4  20p
 A3  35p
 Poly pockets  A4  10p
 Ballpoint pens  Blue & black  20p
 DVD +RW    £2.20
 DVD - R  £1.10
 CD RW    £1.10
 CD-R  60p
 CD Wallet  50p

N.B. Further supplies are available from the Paper Store in the Scott Building


A self-service area where you can prepare work using a variety of materials and equipment is located on level 1 of the library. Visual and written instructions are displayed, and staff at the Information Desk are available if you need help.
NB Please refer to your student handbook as your faculty may have specific requirements for binding your project.

Comb Binder:
  • Allows pages to be added or removed
  • A set consists of a black plastic spiral binder, a clear acetate front cover and a piece of card for the back cover
  • A range of widths are available up to 450 page document
  • A4 portrait and A3 landscape documents can be bound  

Uni Binder:

  • A white spine with clear plastic front and back covers attached. Pages are glued in by heating the spine
  • Binders come in various widths up to 100 pages
  • Suitable for A4 documents only
Wire Binder:
  • A metal spiral binder often used for art, photography and architecture projects
  • Binders come in various widths up to 120 pages
  • Available in A4 size

Channel/Hard Cover Binder:
  • Channel binding offers a professional-looking hard cover finish
  • Pages are clamped together in a steel spine
  • Covers are available in blue and black leather-look finish and a range of widths, holding up to 175 pages
  • Hard cover binding and gold lettering - available from Bretonside Copy and Mail Boxes Etc.Plymouth and The Art Side.

1.7.5. Equipment Loans

Students and staff can borrow various equipment from the Information Desk on Level 1 of the library.


  • Sony HD Camcorder
  • Go Pro Hero
  • Digital Stills Camera (Canon EOS DSLR)
  • Mini Tripod
  • Audio Recorder (Voice recorder) 


We recommend you reserve equipment in advance to ensure availability. You can book:

  • at the Information Desk on Level 1 of the library.
  • Phone 01752 588588 (select Option 3 – Student IT Support)
  • Go to Primo and sign in. Enter the equipment description above and select quick search. On the results page you can filter by Bookable Media Equipment. 

Loan Period

  • Equipment can be borrowed for seven days maximum and reserved up to 12 weeks in advance.
  • Borrowed equipment can be renewed, subject to availability, in person at the Information Desk on Level 1. 

Returning Equipment 

  • Equipment loans should be returned to the Information Desk on Level 1 of the library.
  • Please ensure that you have backed-up all of your files before returning the equipment. The cards and their data are wiped without checking or backing-up files once returned to the counter.





Free of charge.

Late return

£2.00 per item per day.


Replacement cost of item.

If the equipment is not returned within 14 days it will be assumed to be lost and you will be invoiced for the full replacement cost of the item.


The University’s insurance does not cover any item on loan to you. Please consider taking out insurance cover for the equipment you borrow.


1.8. Additional Library Support
1.8.1. Library Support for Disabled Users

Any student with disabilities, including learning difficulties such as dyslexia, who has been referred by Disability Assist (DAS) is eligible for these services. Members of staff who have a need for the services should email informationspecialists@plymouth.ac.uk

For more information visit our Disability Support library guide.

Guidance for student support workers, and request forms mentioned in this article, can be found as attachments at the bottom of the page.

One-to-one help
To discuss your needs and get help with accessing the library resources, you can book an online appointment with your Information Specialist (subject librarian). Email informationspecialists@plymouth.ac.uk 

For more information check our Tech for Learning library guide.

See Microsoft Accessibility Options Mobile to find out how to improve the accessibility of your PC or other Windows device:

Windows 7
Windows 10
Windows 10 Mobile

Postal loans
Items (including requested items) can be posted to you. Email a completed Postal /Scanning request form for each book to collectionservices@plymouth.ac.uk. The item will be issued to your account, posted, and a postal charge added to your account. Return postage is at your own expense. 

Book Collection Service
Items from library stock can be requested for collection from the Reception Desk on Level 1. Email your requests with author, title, edition and shelfmark number to libraryandITenquiries@plymouth.ac.uk.

Requests will be processed Monday - Friday, 08:30 - 17:00. We require 24hrs notice minimum and will email you when your requests are available for collection.

Books will be held for 7 days. Uncollected items will be returned to the library shelves. Please check our opening times before collecting your books.

Scanning Service
Within copyright guidelines, journal articles and book chapters from library stock can be scanned and emailed to you free of charge. If items cannot be scanned, we will photocopy and post them to you (current copying rates and postage will be charged at cost).

Borrowing by Proxy
If you cannot get to the library in person, you can nominate someone else to borrow items on your behalf. Your nominated person should bring your University card, some ID of their own and an authorised Proxy form which you have completed.

Contact Details

01752 588588


1.8.2. Alternative Formats

The alternative formats service and equipment is available for users who have a visual impairment or other condition, including a learning difficulty such as dyslexia, making it difficult to access printed texts.

You must be registered with Disability Services to use the service. 

Alternative Formats Service

We will endeavour to provide you with books from the core reading list for your course in an accessible PDF format (subject to availability). If the text you require is not a core text, please email informationspecialists@plymouth.ac.uk to discuss your requirements. 

  • Text books in an alternative format are sourced from the publisher and are for your sole use only.

  • Email a completed form (attached at the bottom of this page) for each request to
    collectionservices@plymouth.ac.uk. Please note: requests can take up to six weeks to arrive.

Alternative Formats Software 

SensusAccess allows you to automatically convert documents into a range of alternative media including

  • audio books (MP3 and DAISY)
  • e-books (EPUB, EPUB3 and Mobi)
  • digital Braille.
The service can also be used to convert inaccessible documents such as image-only PDF files, JPG pictures and Microsoft PowerPoint presentations into more accessible formats. 

Simply follow the four-step process to convert your file. Make sure to use your University email address as the converted file format will be delivered to your inbox in approximately 10 minutes.

TextHelp Read & Write
This text to speech software is installed on all University PCs. It reads aloud text from word documents,    pdfs, email and the web, and includes many other features such as spell checker, homophone checker and word prediction.

See our Tech for Learning Library Guide for further help. 

1.8.3. Library Support for Part-time, Placement and Distance Students

University of Plymouth students are eligible for these services if they are:

  • On a part-time course
  • On a full-time course in part-time mode
  • Away from the University on any form of placement for 6 weeks or more
  • Living permanently more than 25 miles from the University 

See full details on the Support for Distance, Placement and Part-time Students Library Guide

Postal loans

Items (including requested items) can be posted to you. Email a completed Postal /Scanning request form for each book to collectionservices@plymouth.ac.uk. When available, the item will be issued to your account, posted and a postal charge added to your account. Return postage is at your own expense.

Please note: Inter Library loan items can only be posted via Special Delivery. Not all Inter Library loans can be posted.

Scanning Service

Within copyright guidelines, journal articles and book chapters from items in stock can be scanned and emailed to you free of charge. If items cannot be scanned, we will photocopy and post them to you (current copying rates and postage will be charged at cost).

Email a completed Postal /Scanning request form for each item to collectionservices@plymouth.ac.uk 


Due to COVID-19 the Sconul Access scheme has been temporarily suspended. This scheme enables eligible users to borrow material from other academic libraries. For criteria and further details, see the SCONUL article.


01752 588588



1.8.4. Library anxiety

The library is a great resource, but it can seem overwhelming and intimidating at first. Let us help.

Whether you have just started at the University of Plymouth, are just about to sit your finals, are a postgraduate student doing a literature review, or a member of staff, we can help. If it's your first time using the library or you have visited many times but are still anxious about coming in, don't worry.

We can help with:

  • Physical access
  • Finding resources on Primo
  • Finding books on the shelves (How do the numbers on the book spines work?)
  • Finding your way around the building
  • Printing
  • Finding out where to go to for help
  • Putting you in touch with other support facilities

Other support:

  • Physical access
  • Books in alternative format
  • Equipment to help you in the Library
  • Software and technology to support your learning
  • Additional Library services

Further information on these services.

Library Buddy

If you are concerned about entering or navigating the library, we can arrange for a library buddy to meet you outside and come in with you. We can give you a quick (about 10 minute) introduction to the library and its resources.

To arrange a buddy you can

Email libraryanditenquiries@plymouth.ac.uk
Call on (01752) 588588 - Choose the student option

1.9. Library Membership for External Users
1.9.1. Library Membership for External Users

Library membership for visitors/partner colleges

Not a member of the University?

There are a number of library access options available if you are not a University of Plymouth registered student or staff member, and are over 18. See below.

Are you sponsored by a University of Plymouth faculty or department? 

See further information on University Associate Membership 

Are you a student or a member of staff from another university? 

SCONUL access may be available to you. 

Are you a student or a member of staff from a Partner College? 

You may be eligible for the Academic Partnerships reciprocal borrowing scheme. 

 None of the above?

See details of Library Associate membership.

    1.9.2. Associate library membership

    If you are not a registered member of the university, and are over 18, you may be able to take out associate library membership.

    Student Support (Non medical helper) Reference Access Card

    If you are employed to provide enabling study support to University of Plymouth students registered with Disability Assist, you can apply for a free library access reference card for ease of access to the library via the internal barriers. A reference card allows you to use the library for study and to refer to print materials. Borrowing and access to e-resources is not included. Further details available on the application form in the attachments at the bottom of this article.

    Library Associate membership

    • Library Associate membership normally involves a fee of £60.00 per annum (including VAT) and is granted to those with a specific identifiable need to use our facilities which could not be met by the public library services (e.g. in support of professional development; personal research activity)
    • Graduates of Plymouth University automatically become part of the alumni community and are entitled to 50% discount on annual membership.
    • Library Associate Members may borrow up to 6 items for a period of 6 weeks. If another user requests an item out on loan, an email will be sent requesting the return of the item within 7 days.
    • Associate membership only permits access to physical stock in the library - we regret we cannot provide access to electronic journals, articles and databases. We cannot provide an Inter Library Loan service for associate members.

    To apply for Library Associate membership fill in the form attached at the end of this article. The completed form should be submitted at the Reception Desk on Level 1 of the Library or emailed to libraryandITenquiries@plymouth.ac.uk . Allow up to 5 working days for a library card to be made up once your application has been accepted.

    1.9.3. Academic Partnerships

    If you are a student and enrolled on a University of Plymouth partner course or *staff member at one of our Partner Institutions then you are entitled to the following services including access to the University Library's e-resources and student portal. Guidance for Partnership students and staff on how to access the library's print and electronic resources is available via our Partner Institutions Library Guide.

    * College staff teaching on a Foundation degree or supporting learning (e.g. Librarians).

    Computing accounts

    • Students: computing accounts are generated as part of enrolment
    • Teaching Staff: Apply by filling out a RUTS registration form, found under the Registered University Teachers (RUTS) section. Forms should be returned to Academic Partnerships – see address at end of article.

    University of Plymouth Card
    With your card you can borrow books, book a study room and pay for printing & photocopying

    Other Services available 

    • Borrow books from the University of Plymouth library and pick them up from your college library. Speak to your college library for further information.
    • Journal articles and book chapters can be scanned and emailed free of charge to you via your College Library. Copyright Limits apply

    Student contact for Academic Partnerships – queries relating to student access and University of Plymouth card issues.
    Data and Enrolments, Academic Partnerships, University of Plymouth, Room 300, 3rd Floor Hepworth House, Drake Circus, Plymouth PL4 8AA
    Email: apenrolments@plymouth.ac.uk 

    Teaching Staff contact for Academic Partnerships - queries relating to RUT accounts and University of Plymouth card applications
    Academic Partnerships Faculty Office, Plymouth University, 3rd Floor Hepworth House, Drake Circus, Plymouth PL4 8AA
    Email: academicpartnerships@plymouth.ac.uk

    Contact for Partner College Libraries (for receiving books/articles/chapters)
    Partnership Loans Charles Seale-Hayne Library, Plymouth University, Drake Circus, Plymouth. PL4 8AA
    Telephone: 01752 588766
    Email: partnershiploans@plymouth.ac.uk



    1.9.4. SCONUL Access

    The SCONUL Access scheme is currently suspended

    The current position
    We are sorry to say that the SCONUL Access Scheme is suspended as a result of the current pandemic. This means that we cannot process new applications or renew applications, and that participating libraries are not accepting visitors from other libraries under the scheme. We are afraid that no exceptions are possible to this rule. This is because capacity within member libraries is severely restricted due to the need for social distancing. Universities, including university libraries, are required to abide by the relevant government guidelines and this means that it is not possible for libraries to facilitate external visitors in most cases.

    Next steps
    We remain fully committed to opening up the scheme again as soon as it is safe and practical to do so, and we are keeping this under regular review. Given the information currently available, we believe it to be unlikely that the scheme will return to full functioning this academic year (2020-21). We will be consulting member institutions on routes to reopening the scheme later this academic year.

    Help in the meantime
    In the meantime, our member libraries are doing all they can to ensure that their staff, researchers and students can access the books and journals they need during this difficult time, and scheme users wanting to use particular resources should speak to the library staff at their own institution who will be able to assist. Those wishing to access archives and special collections should do the same – staff at their home library will be able to provide advice and support on routes to access.


    SCONUL Access scheme

    This is a reciprocal borrowing scheme between participating higher education libraries in the UK and Ireland. You are only eligible to apply if you are considered a student or member of staff of the University of Plymouth with your course or employment validated with full library privileges here.

    • Staff members on an open or fixed term contract
    • Postgraduate research students
    • Part-time students
    • Distance learning students 
    • Placement students (full time student on a placement of 6 weeks or more)
    • Full-time taught postgraduates

    Staff and students at partner college institutions on franchised courses are not eligible for access under the terms of the scheme.
    For more details and to apply, go to http://www.sconul.ac.uk/sconul-access. Your library account account must be clear of any overdue books or charges. Once you have submitted your application online, and it has been approved subject to your eligibility, you will receive an acceptance email. Print this off and take it, with your University of Plymouth card, to the library you wish to visit.

    SCONUL Access members joining from participating institutions

    You will need to bring your SCONUL Access confirmation email (confirming the SCONUL Access Band you are eligible for, and agreed  expiry date) and home institution ID/Library card. You will need to complete a registration form so that a library card can be made. Please allow up to 5 working days for a card to be processed. You will be emailed when it is ready for collection.

    Please bring your card every time you visit the library as you will be unable to enter without it. Access is between 0800 -2000. 

    Contact the Reception Desk on Level 1 of the Library or email libraryandITenquiries@plymouth.ac.uk with any queries 

    1.9.5. University Associate membership

    University Associate membership

    • If you are being sponsored by a University of Plymouth faculty or department as a University Associate, you can apply for entry to the Library building and access to resources when you fill in the application form for a University Associate card
    • University Associate members may borrow up to 6 items for a period of 6 weeks. If another user requests an item out on loan, an email will be sent requesting the return of the item within 7 days.
    • The Application Form for a University Associate Card - is available on the Card Office webpage
    1.10. Policies
    1.10.1. Terms of use

    Any person (“User”) becoming a member of, and/or using the services or facilities provided by, the Charles Seale-Hayne Library (Library and Digital Support) (the “University Library”) is bound by the following terms of use (“TOU”). The purpose of these TOU is to protect the interests of all Users and to enable the University Library to provide an efficient service.

    1. General

    (a) Admission to, and use of the University Library and its services and facilities are conditional upon compliance in full with these TOU. Users are required to comply with these TOU and any other relevant terms and conditions of use brought to their attention (for example, without limitation, in respect of computer use, fire and health and safety regulations)

    (b) These TOU are displayed within the library and on the Library website. If any user requires assistance in reading or understanding these TOU, please ask a member of the University Library staff.

    (c) University Library staff are empowered to enforce these TOU and all Users are required to co-operate in their implementation. Membership of the University Library and/or the use of any University Library services or facilities may be suspended for such period as shall be specified or withdrawn by the Head of Library and Digital Support or other University Library staff from anyone in breach of these TOU or otherwise abusing any of the University Library’s services or facilities (at the absolute discretion of the Head of Library and Digital Support or other University Staff member). Breach of these TOU may constitute a disciplinary offence under the University’s disciplinary procedures. University rules and regulations can be found on the University regulations website, here.

    2. Admission

    (a) Subject to Rule 2(b) and (f):

    (i) All duly registered students of the University are entitled to become members of the University library.

    (ii) All staff of the University are entitled to become members of the library.

    (iii) Associate members of the University with University cards may also be granted free Associate membership of the Library .

    Associate membership will normally involve the payment of a fee although free Associate membership may be granted to eligible members of the SCONUL Access scheme

    (b) To become a member of the University Library in accordance with Rule 2(a), each person must be registered as such in accordance with the University Library’s registration procedures in force from time to time, whereupon he or she will be issued with a University Associates with cards or Library Associates with cards (paid and unpaid) and will become a “User” for the purposes of these TOU. The University card or Library membership card is solely for the User to whom it is issued and is not transferable. Each User is responsible for their own card and shall notify a member of the University Library’s staff immediately in the event:

    (i) that a card is lost, defaced or destroyed; or

    (ii) of any change in address or personal circumstances which affect or might affect their membership or use of the University Library; or

    (iii) that they wish to cancel their membership of the University Library.

    The User will remain responsible for any items borrowed on their card until he or she reports the loss of that card or his or her card is returned to the University Library for cancellation.

    (c) Subject to Rule 2(f), members of the public may be admitted to the University Library subject to their signing the University Library’s visitors’ register and producing proof of identity on each visit and promptly upon request by University Library staff. Unless otherwise agreed with the University Library, the use by members of the public of University Library materials is limited to reference purposes only. This normally excludes the use of electronic sources. While attending the University Library, a member of the public will be treated as a “User” for the purposes of these TOU.

    (d) Anyone under 18 must be supervised by a responsible adult at all times while attending the University Library.

    (e) A valid University card is required to gain entry to the University Library during the period between 20.00 hrs – 08.00 hrs on any day.

    (f) Any use and membership of the University Library is conditional upon compliance in full with these TOU in accordance with Rule 1(a). 

    3. General Conduct

    (a) All users of the facilities must behave responsibly and should not knowingly cause annoyance, inconvenience, offence, disruption or nuisance to others.

    (b) Silence is required in certain areas as designated on the floor plans available on the Library website. The use of mobile phones or personal music players or the audible use of computer or other electronic equipment is not allowed in these areas.

    (c) The consumption of food and drink is not generally permitted in the University Library (including in Computing areas or near electronic equipment) although it may be permitted in areas duly designated by University Library staff.

    (d) With the exception of study rooms or computer equipment duly designated by University Library staff and for which there is an official booking system, study places may not normally be reserved by Users in the University Library. With regard to study rooms or computer equipment for which booking is permitted, Users must vacate such study rooms or equipment and remove any personal property at the end of the relevant booking period. Any such items left unattended may be removed and the University Library assumes no liability in respect of them.

    (e) Users may be requested to present for inspection any briefcase, bag or similar item brought into the University Library and University Library staff shall be entitled to full access to any such item and their contents for the purposes of such inspection.

    (f) Users shall produce proof of identification (in the form of their University card or library membership card) promptly upon request by University Library staff.

    (g) The marking, defacing, damage, misuse or loss of any books, materials, furniture and equipment of the University Library is not permitted. The relevant User will be held responsible for, and will be required to make good, any such damage or loss promptly upon demand.

    (h) Smoking (including the use of e-cigarettes) is not permitted within the University Library or outside its building near the entrances/exits of Levels 0 or 1 of that building.

    4. Borrowing Library Material

    (a) Books and other items may be borrowed and removed from the University Library by a User free of charge, subject to and in accordance with the University Library’s borrowing procedures in force from time to time or the instructions of University Library staff. Books and other items designated as for reference use only may not be borrowed or removed from the University Library unless the Head of Library and Digital Support (or another duly authorised member of the University Library staff) expressly permits the loan of any such reference material

    (b) Each User shall produce his or her University card or library membership card whenever an item is borrowed.

    (c) Each User is permitted to borrow at any one time such number of items as shall not exceed the limit duly specified by the University Library from time to time (which limit may be subject to variation and annual review by the University Library).

    (d) The University Library operates two loan periods in respect of items available for loan:

    (i) Subject to paragraph (ii) below, items can normally be borrowed for up to 6 weeks.

    ii) In the event that an item on loan is required by another User, a recall notice shall be issued and the User borrowing such item is required to return the recalled item within 7 days of the date of that notice.

    Specified equipment may also be available for loan on a free basis and the loan periods for such equipment and any other loan terms shall be as duly specified by University Library staff.

    Items must be correctly returned by the end of the designated loan period or by the earlier date specified on a recall notice. Items can be renewed unless they are requested by another service user. Users are asked to return loans within 7 days on request.

    (e) Items must be duly returned to the University Library on or before midnight on the final day of the relevant loan period set out in Rule 4(d)(i) or (ii). The loan period for items referred to in Rule 4(d)(i) can be renewed unless they are requested by another User in accordance with Rule 4(d)(ii).

    5. Overdue Return or Loss of Library Material

    Each user is responsible for the safekeeping and return of all items borrowed on his her card during the period of their loan. In the event that any such item is lost, stolen or damaged during this loan period or otherwise not returned at the expiry thereof, the relevant user shall notify a member of the University Library’s staff immediately. That User will be fully responsible for, and will be required to make good, repair, replace or reimburse the University Library for the full replacement cost of any such item (or the series to which the item belongs) in the amount specified by the University Library. The University Library reserves the right to charge delivery costs and/or an administration fee

    (a) In the event that any item borrowed on his or her card is not returned at the end of the period of loan of such item in accordance with Rule 4(e), the relevant User:

    (i) will be subject to fines or other sanctions at the rates then in force (subject as amended from time to time), the current rates being set out here.

    (ii) may be subject to additional charges for retaining an item duly recalled pursuant to Rule 4(d)(ii) more than 7 days after the date of the relevant recall notice at the rates displayed in the University Library and in electronic format from time to time.

    (b) In the event that any item borrowed on his or her card is not returned within 6 weeks after the end of the period of loan of such item (or such other period as the University Library may specify from time to time for such purpose) [or after three reminder notices have been issued to the User], that item shall be deemed to have been lost in which case the provisions of Rule 5(a) shall apply.

    (c) In the event that any outstanding sums under Rule 5(a) and the amount of outstanding fines, charges or other sanctions within Rule 5(b) reaches or exceeds a limit specified by the University Library from time to time for such purpose or that any such amount, fine, charge or sanction remains overdue (in whole or part) for 6 weeks after the end of the period of loan of the relevant item (or such other period as the University Library may specify from time to time for such purpose), that User may have their membership of the University Library suspended or terminated by the University Library (at the discretion of the Head of Library and Digital Support or any other duly authorised member of the University Library staff).

    6. Communications

    The University will send any notices relating to the use of its books, materials, equipment, services or facilities (including any recall notices issued under Rule 4(d)(ii) or any notices of any changes in the services provided by the University Library) to Users at their e-mail addresses registered with Plymouth University. All Users are expected to read and act as appropriate upon any such notice sent by the University Library.

    7. Copyright

    In their use of any items or other material borrowed from or used in the University Library, all Users shall comply with:

    (a) the law of copyright; in particular but without limitation, no User may copy, scan, transmit or store electronically any original or copy documents, materials or other items (in whatever format) received from the University Library unless the User has the permission of the copyright owner or any other authorised licensing body or except as permitted by statute;

    (b) the terms of any licences Plymouth University may hold relating to such material (which may be obtained by request. Email: copyright@plymouth.ac.uk; and

    (c) Plymouth University's copyright policy (available

    8. Exclusion of Liability

    The University will send any notices relating to the use of its books, materials, equipment, services or facilities (including any recall notices issued under Rule 4(d)(ii) or any notices of any changes in the services provided by the University Library) to Users at their e-mail addresses registered with Plymouth University. All Users are expected to read and act as appropriate upon any such notice sent by the University Library.





    1.10.2. Using the Charles Seale-Hayne Library

    1. General
    Any use of the services provided by the University Library indicates acceptance of the Library Terms of Use.

    2. Admission

    • A valid University card or Library card is required to gain entry to the Library.
    • Visitors must produce a valid visitor card on each visit, the card entitles the user to 5 visits per annum.
    • All users are expected to produce their card or ID on request. University cards/ Library cards may only be used by the person named on the card.
    • Users must be 18 or over. 

    3. General Conduct

    • Users must adhere to the Food and Drink policy and must not disturb others.
    • Noise restrictions should be observed and study areas left clean and tidy. Alcohol, smoking and e-cigarettes are not permitted.
    • All library users should acquaint themselves with the fire and safety regulations displayed in the library.

    4. Borrowing Library material 

    • Books and other library materials (apart from items designated for reference use only) may be borrowed from the Library by registered borrowers.
    • Anyone borrowing materials from the library is responsible for their care and safe return on or before the due date.
    • Users are responsible for each item issued to them until they return it to the library.
    • Users are asked to return recalled items within 7 days on request. 

    5. Overdue return or loss of Library material

    • Fines are charged when recalled items or equipment are returned late.
    • The replacement cost will be charged if an item is not returned.

    6. Communications
    The library system will send key notifications to the registered email address. All users are expected to read and respond to these messages appropriately. 

    7. Copyright
    All library users must comply with the law of copyright in their use of any resources they borrow from or use in the library or remotely, and with the terms of any licences the University may hold regarding such material.

    8. Loss or Damage to Property

    • The University cannot accept responsibility for any damage to or theft of library users’ personal possessions.
    • Library materials and equipment must not be damaged or misused.

    The Library Terms of use can be found here

    Users of the Library are subject to University regulations, of which the Library Terms of Use are a part.

    1.10.3. Student IT Support Policy

    Our aim: The Library and Digital Support team (LDS) is committed to providing a high quality service.

    Our services are designed on a self-service basis, and our aim is to enable students to develop as independent learners and researchers. Users are expected to take full advantage of these available self-service resources and digital services, but we also know that there are times when more individual help is required.

    Support available: The Library and Digital Support team are based on level 1 as you enter the Charles Seale-Hayne Library and at the Peninsula Allied Health Centre (PAHC), providing the following IT support services for students.

     We will provide:

    1. Assistance in connecting to University of Plymouth Wi-Fi (Eduroam).

    2. Assistance with setting up your University of Plymouth email account on your devices.

    3.  Signposting to appropriate guidance on the Digital Learning Environment (DLE) and Moodle.

    4. Help with accessing electronic and digital resources and locating books on the shelves.

    5. Signposting to guidance on virus and malware removal.

    6. Assistance with printing, copying and scanning.

    7. Signposting to appropriate guidance for MS Office and other University provided software systems (including Software and services for working from home and Technology for learning software).

    8.  Advice with problems with your computing and print account (e.g. password changes) online enrolment and library account.

    9. Advice on Apple products is limited to assistance with installing University provided software.

    We will endeavour to resolve your issue in line with our stated  service offer, but we cannot guarantee that all issues will be resolved. Your query may be logged for escalation to the University IT Service team. 

    We cannot: 

    • Provide IT Support to University Halls of Residence.

                If you call us about this, we will diagnose and most likely open a support call for the RESNET team to investigate

    • Provide AV Support to teaching rooms or elsewhere on campus.

            We do not support this area, but can transfer you to the TIS Technical Services team or you can contact directly on 01752 588588 (Select Staff option)

    • Provide an IT enquiry service to visitors and members of the public.

                We only support enquiries about connectivity to Eduroam and guest Wi-Fi. 

    • Provide support for Faculty/ School specific software or make changes to the student record system.

                We do not support Faculty/ School specific software, but can direct your enquiry to the relevant support team. 

    • Provide marks for modules, transcripts of results or add students to modules.

                We do not provide support on student assessment but can transfer you to your Faculty for support and advice. 

    • Install operating systems, lend disks for installation or provide advice on repairs or hardware faults for personal devices or computing systems. 

     The user is responsible for ensuring that all work is backed up. We cannot be responsible for data loss.


    1.10.4. Customer Services Statement

    Library & Digital Support (LDS) is committed to maintain and improve our customer service standards. We aim to build strong relationships with our customers in the pursuit of high-quality customer service provision.

    We commit to:

    • Provide a friendly, professional service whether face-to-face, via written communication or by telephone
    • Ensure our staff are easily identifiable in order to promote customer engagement
    • Operate in a transparent manner, communicating clearly and openly where possible, but with due respect for customer confidentiality
    • Treat all our customers fairly and with respect
    • Work in partnership with our customers to deliver quality services that are accessible to all
    • Resolve enquiries at first point of contact or provide technological, knowledge-based and/or expert referral services, as appropriate
    • Educate customers to access and utilise all available information, self-service resources and digital services in order to become self-sufficient and independent learners
    • Monitor our service level performance
    • Develop our staff to ensure they have the necessary skills and expertise
    • Provide an accessible, comfortable and safe learning environment
    • Encourage and follow-up customer feedback to inform and further develop our service quality
    • Ensure a customer services strategy is included in all LDS service plans

    We expect our customers to:

    • Behave in a respectful, non-abusive and non-threatening manner
    • Treat staff and other library users with courtesy, and respect the library stock and environment
    • Take advantage of available self-service resources and digital services
    • Take responsibility and be proactive in reporting issues
    • Engage with our staff and provide timely feedback, as appropriate
    • Abide by the Library Rules/Regulations.


    1.10.5. Inter Library Loans Policy

    Library and Digital Support Inter-Library Loans Policy for University of Plymouth Students and Staff.

    ·         Library and Digital Support will supply Inter-Library Loans (ILLs) to:- 

    o   University staff

    o   Postgraduate researchers of the University

    o   Taught Postgraduates registered to the University

    o   Stage 3 Undergraduates of the University researching for their dissertation.
    Please note: ILLs will not normally be obtained for Stage 1 or 2 Undergraduates unless there are exceptional circumstances. In these cases the approval of the relevant Information Specialist should be sought first and supplied in writing (email).

    ·         Students of Partner Colleges should contact their college Library for details of local ILL provision.

    ·         Library and Digital Support will normally supply ILLs free of charge to University staff and students.

    ·         There is no limit at present on the number of ILLs that may be applied for. However, there is a considerable cost per request to the library for ILLs, and staff and students should be selective about what they apply for. Request numbers considered to be excessive may be queried and the Library reserves the right to refuse requests, dependent on circumstances.

    ·         Materials will be supplied only if legally compliant with Copyright regulations, and the format supplied (print or digital) will depend on availability.

    ·         The Library will request items in the first instance from the British Library. If the British Library cannot supply, Library and Digital Support will attempt to source it from other UK libraries. This will take more time and success cannot be guaranteed.

    ·         ILL Borrowers will be charged for any renewals. The current charge of £5.45 will be reviewed every year and aligned with standard British Library renewal charges.

    ·         There is a £15 ‘failure to collect’ fee, which will be added to the borrower’s library account if they fail to collect the physical book or journal request from the library.

    ·         Lost inter library loan books from the British Library will be charged at a minimum of £185.50. Other suppliers may charge different fees. These may be able to be refunded, minus an administration fee, if the lost item is returned within six weeks. 

    ·         Library and Digital Support will not source materials from institutions outside the UK.

    ·         Some requests may be referred to Information Specialists and considered for purchase if circumstances warrant it. Likewise, if a request is made that falls outside the guidelines and procedures stated above, special permission in writing (email) from the relevant Information Specialist will be required in order to proceed with the request. 

    ·         ILL books should be returned to staff at the Information desk, on Level 1 of the Charles Seale-Hayne Library, and not through the self-return machines or red returns bin.

    1.10.6. Customer Feedback Policy

    We value feedback to inform our decisions and develop our services. We are committed to review your feedback to continuously improve service delivery, in line with Plymouth University’s policies and procedures.

    Feedback definition
    We define Feedback as any verbal or written expression of experience related to equipment, services or staff. We welcome all forms of feedback: compliments, suggestions, comments, concerns, complaints, in order to encourage user engagement.

    Who can provide Feedback
    Everyone using our services.

    Our Commitment
    We will

    • Deal fairly and sensitively with any feedback
    • Record and monitor feedback, to enable us to take appropriate action where possible
    • Acknowledge formal feedback
    • Respond within a stated period of time, if a response is required
    • Investigate and consider feedback as fully as possible, within a reasonable timescale
    • Take action where appropriate and inform customers of resulting actions/outcomes

    Your responsibility
    We expect you to

    • Provide feedback promptly
    • Provide feedback in a respectful, non-abusive, non-threatening manner
    • Provide contact information and full details of the issue if you require a response
    • Explain the problem as clearly and as fully as possible, including any action taken to date
    • Allow a reasonable time to deal with the matter
    • Recognise that some circumstances may be beyond our control

    In order to ensure we are able to investigate and rectify any issues, we encourage you to provide full contact details. Information will only be disclosed to those who need to see it for the purposes of dealing with your feedback. In accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998, we will not share your personal information with anybody else without your knowledge, unless we are required by law to do so.


    1.10.7. Data Protection (Library)

    University information about Data Protection & Freedom of Information is available here

    Information specific to the Library is attached.

    1.10.8. Noise policy

    Library and Digital Support has a policy allowing users to hold discussions within its libraries, media workshops and open access computing areas. The noise policy seeks to create a variety of study environments to meet the needs of all our users.

    Such a policy is required in order to protect those wishing to study quietly or silently, whilst allowing group discussion, social interaction and use of the facilities (PCs, media equipment, Primo, Enquiry Desks etc). Consideration should be shown to others, especially in open plan areas where different types of study space are not divided by separate rooms.

    We will designate and advertise certain areas for different types of study, as space and buildings permit. Further information can be found in the document attached below.

    Noise Text Alert Service

    If an area within the Library is too noisy, users can text their location to 07772 444789 for a staff member to investigate. Locations are detailed on signs around the library. This service runs between 8:30 – 18:00. Outside of these hours users can speak to staff at the Reception Desk on level 1. 

    1.10.9. Lost property


    Please ask at the Reception desk if you have lost anything in the library.

    • Valuable items and memory sticks are taken to Security in Portland Square daily. Due to GDPR legislation, memory sticks, hard drives etc cannot be returned unless they are marked with your personal details.Please ensure your personal device is marked with your name or other unique identifier.
    • University cards are taken to the Card Office in Roland Levinsky building daily.
    • Other items will be kept in the library for a maximum of 14 days.


    1.10.10. Donations

    Donation of Records or Special Collections

    Terms of Agreement for Donation of Records or Special Collections to the Charles Seale-Hayne Library, University of Plymouth can be found in the attached document.

    1.10.11. Submitting material for display in the Charles Seale Hayne Library

    Submitting material for display in the Charles Seale Hayne Library 

    All posters, leaflets, brochures etc. for display should be handed in at the Information Desk.

    One poster up to A4 size may be accepted for display on designated noticeboards. Leaflets will be displayed in small batches as space allows. 

    Material must be professional-looking: printed, not handwritten; in good condition.

    When a poster is accepted, it will be initialled by a member of library staff and dated. Posters not marked in this way will be removed. Leaflets found outside the designated display area will be removed. 

    Acceptance of material does not guarantee it will be displayed, as this is dependent on available space. Material will be removed when it is out of date and will not be returned to the author.

    The following will be accepted:

    • Official information from Plymouth University e.g. student services, medical centre
    • Cultural events e.g. local theatres, Peninsula Arts, student exhibitions.
    • Academic information e.g. seminar talks, lectures, focus groups, volunteers for coursework experiments.
    • SU information e.g. theatre productions, clubs & societies (excluding political), student discounts.


    The following will not be accepted:

    • Material advertising political groups/activities, including pressure groups.
    • Material advertising businesses, commercial products etc., (except cultural events).
    • Personal notices e.g. adverts for house-sharing etc.
    1.11. Amenities
    1.11.1. Food, Drink and Amenities
    There are numerous facilities on campus for food and drink, to eat in or take out.  The Charles Seale-Hayne Library has a cafe, vending machines and water dispensers.

    Food and Drink Policy

    The following food and drink is allowed in the library.

     Not Allowed
     Cold drinks (non-alcoholic): Canned, bottled or covered
     Hot food
     Covered hot Drinks     
     Cold snacks

    Hot food and uncovered drinks purchased from the Library Cafe are permitted only in the cafe 

    Only still bottled water is permitted near computer equipment providing care is taken.

    Please ensure you:

    • take reasonable steps to avoid spillage
    • leave all surfaces clean
    • place all rubbish in the bins provided
    • use recycling facilities where available
    • report any accidental spillage immediately
    • take note of signage indicating designated areas and permissions


    A cafe is situated on Level 1 of the Library, standard opening times are 08:30 - 16:00 Monday to Friday. However, these may change or be extended.

    Vending machines 

    Drinks and snacks can be purchased from vending machines located on Level 1 and 2 in the library. Drinks can also be purchased from vending machines in the foyer on Level 0. Please note: refunds are dealt with by Plymouth University Catering Services only. To apply for refunds customers should email catering@plymouth.ac.uk .The library does not deal with any lost monies from vending machines.

    Water dispensers

    Free water dispensers can be found at the following locations:

    • Level 0 opposite the lift
    • Level 1 opposite the lift 
    • Level 2 opposite the lift
    • Level 3 in the quiet study room 


    Toilets are located on all levels of the Library - at least one on each floor can be used by people with disabilities


    1.12. Contacts & Feedback
    1.12.1. Opening Hours, Contacts and Service Levels

    Opening Times

    The Charles Seale-Hayne Library (CSHL). Please note: you must bring your University card to access the building.

    • Term Time 24/7
    • Vacation Daily 08:00-20:00
    • The Level 0 Learning Space is available 24/7 all year round
    Peninsula Allied Health Centre (PAHC) Library
    • Currently unstaffed, 09:00-17:00, Monday to Friday (term-time)
    Knowledge Spa Truro
    • Term time Monday to Friday, 09:00-17:00.
    • Vacation Monday to Friday, 10:00-14:00.

    Contact Details

    The Charles Seale-Hayne Library (CSHL)

    Peninsula Allied Health Centre (PAHC) Library

    Knowledge Spa Truro

    Service Levels

    The following service levels apply to the Charles Seale-Hayne Library

    Full service
    During full service hours, you have access to the full range of library and Student IT Support services, including help from specialist staff.

    • Term time and vacation
    • Monday to Friday 09:00-18:00

    Extended hours service
    Service points are staffed by a small team who can help with many enquiries. Your enquiry may be logged for action during full service hours.

    • Term time and Vacation
    • Monday to Friday 18:00 – 20:00
    • Saturday and Sunday 08:00 – 20:00

    Overnight service
    Single staffed. Staff may be able to help with some enquiries but may need to log your enquiry for assistance during full service hours.

    • Term time
    • Daily 20:00-08:00

    Please see our Student IT Support policy page for full details of out IT support.



    1.12.2. Information Specialists (librarians) Contacts
    The Information Specialists (librarians), each have responsibility for specific subject areas. They are there to provide subject and research support for students and staff.

    You can contact your Information Specialist by telephone or email with any subject-related enquiries, (please see the attached guides below).

    1.12.3. Contacts - resources for new programmes

    Who do I contact for authorisation of resources for new programmes?


    Academic staff planning new or revised programmes should involve the relevant Information Specialist and local IT support team in discussions about resource requirements.  They will be aware of the TIS resources that are already available, can advise on the implications of programme proposals, find solutions to potential difficulties, and put you in touch with other specialists if necessary.  As well asmaking sure that there are sufficient library and IT resources, they will also be interested in programme delivery methods (e.g. students based primarily off-campus, telematic lectures, innovative assessments etc.).


    Official ‘sign-off’ of resource forms are normally processed by an Information Specialist (Library resources) in the first instance.

    1.12.4. TIS Feedback process

    Feedback process

    Technology and Information Services (TIS) is the support service responsible for managing the IT Infrastructure, the Charles Seale Hayne Library, the Service Desk and Academic Support Services.

    We value your feedback to inform our decision-making and develop our services. We are committed to reviewing feedback to continuously improve service delivery, in accordance with Plymouth University’s policies and procedures.

    We define:

    • Feedback as any verbal or written expression of experience related to TIS equipment, services or staff.
    • Complaint as an expression of dissatisfaction made to, or about our department that is associated with our services or the staff responsible for the delivery and support of those services.


    Providing Feedback

    Any feedback you provide will be treated confidentially and will only be disclosed to those who need to see it for the purposes of dealing with your enquiry.   

    For further information, please see the attached Feedback Policy and ‘How we handle feedback’ document.

    We encourage you to provide your contact details so that we can fully investigate any issues. We undertake to respond to all feedback promptly and within a maximum of 10 working days.

    There are a number of ways you can submit feedback: