Mapping the PUPSMD 'R' drive to your computer

The PCMD 'R' drive is changing location from 15 January 2015 from PCMD901 toTIS901.

How to map to the new drive location


  1. Navigate to the computer window where the 'R' link resides
 2. Right-click on the current 'R' drive mapping > select 'Disconnect' to remove the 'old' R drive from your computer
3.   Click on the 'Map Network Drive' in the menu at the top of the window
4.  Amend the entries in the popup to the following:
a. Drive: R:
b. Folder: \\tis901\Research
c. Ensure that 'Reconnect at logon' option is checked
This will now restore the link to the 'R' drive as before