1. What is LinkedIn Learning?

Every student and staff member has access to LinkedIn Learning, a continually growing and evolving library of training videos and tutorials covering a wide range of software, technologies, business topics and transferable skills. Students and staff members can take advantage of free 24/7 access to the entire library of training; this includes:

  • Over 5,500 courses with over 204,500 videos
  • Rich features - bookmark videos, chapters or courses for future reference, create collections, make notes and undertake knowledge checks
  • Search the vast array of courses by subject, software, author or keyword
  • Learning paths - Industry experts teach you the knowledge and skills to start your career

To get started with LinkedIn Learning, we recommend you start with this short How to use LinkedIn Learning course.

1.1. How to access LinkedIn Learning
  1. You can access LinkedIn Learning directly by visiting linkedin-learning.plymouth.ac.uk.

  2. You will be prompted for your University of Plymouth login credentials (username and password). If you have previously logged in before it may automatically log you in.

  3. If you had chosen to link your personal LinkedIn profile during the activation process, you will be prompted to then enter your LinkedIn profile details (email and password)*.

    * Please note these might be different to your University of Plymouth credentials (email and password) and will be information that you chose when setting up your LinkedIn profile. If you have forgotten your username or password for your personal LinkedIn profile, please contact LinkedIn.
1.2. Accessing LinkedIn Learning for the first time

You can activate LinkedIn Learning using your University of Plymouth IT credentials via the login page.

  1. Login using your University of Plymouth IT credentials.

  2. You will then be asked whether you would like to link your personal LinkedIn account if you have one. To link your personal account, select ‘Connect my LinkedIn account’. You can choose to proceed without connecting one.

  3. If you have chosen to connect your personal LinkedIn account, you will then be asked to login with your LinkedIn details which are different from your University of Plymouth IT credentials. If you have forgotten your password for your personal LinkedIn account, you can reset it here.

  4. Finally, you will be asked to confirm your LinkedIn identity. Select ‘Accept and continue’.