Anti-virus software

Anti-virus software

Anti-virus software (sometimes known as anti-malware software) is computer software used to prevent, detect and remove malicious software.

The University strongly recommends that you should have anti-virus software installed on your desktop/laptop and keep it updated regularly. 

Most commercial anti-virus software includes a feature that automatically downloads up-dates when you are connected to the Internet. If your trial or licence has expired, you are no longer protected so need to upgrade it or replace it as soon as possible.

Note: University-owned staff and student computers are already protected.

Windows Anti-Virus Software

You can download Microsoft Security Essentials anti-virus for free and there are many different anti-virus products on the market.  It is important that the anti-virus protection that you have installed on your machine is kept up-to-date.  You should visit the manufacturer's web site to be kept informed of any up-date information.

If you install more than one anti-virus program on a computer it can seriously affect performance and potentially cause problems.


If you are unsure if your computer already has anti-virus software installed or not contact telephone 01752 588588 for guidance, or email
Apple Macintosh Anti-Virus Software

The University does not provide anti-virus software for Apple Macs.  However ClamXav is a free virus checker for Mac OS X.

More Information

For more information on keeping a Windows Computer secure, please visit Microsoft Security at Home.

For more information on keeping a Apple Macintosh secure, please visit Apple Product Security.