Re-imaging a computer or laptop

What is re-imaging?

Re-imaging is an update of the Windows operating system. Re-imaging resolves multiple computer issues, resulting in a faster and more reliable user experience.

The process can take up to 1 working day except where there may be an identified hardware issue with the PC. The computer hard drive is completely wiped clean of files and folders, and our latest version of Windows OS is installed.

What do I need to do?

Because a re-image involves the complete removal of data stored on your computer’s hard drive, including all Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other application files you may have saved, it is very important that you back up any files you need. Once the re-image is complete it is impossible to recover data from the drive.

A guide to backing up your data is available below this article.

It is your responsibility to ensure that your data is fully backed up.
IT Support does not provide media such as an external hard drive or USB stick for data back-up.

What will happen?

  • When you log a re-image request with our Service Desk it is passed to our local technician to complete.
  • On confirmation of the call being logged you are advised to begin an immediate backup of your data, to help streamline the process and ensure you save everything you need.
  • A support analyst will contact you to confirm your data is backed up and to arrange a suitable time for the re-image to take place.
  • If you have a desktop PC the re-image will take place at your desk, and the machine will be out of action for several hours. If you have a laptop this might be taken away for the re-image.
  • Once the re-image is completed the laptop will be returned to you, and after we complete some configuration the PC/Laptop will be available for use.
  • We will provide post re-image support to get you up and running quickly. This normally takes 10-30 minutes.

If you have any difficulties with backing up then please contact the IT Service Desk Telephone: 01752 (5) 88588, who may be able to provide remote support.