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Plymouth Campus Power Down: IT Services Outage - Sunday 18th November 2018.

This notice is further to the announcement by Estates in the Bulletin of the planned University main Campus power down on Sunday 18th November 08:00 – 09:00 and how this affects availability of all Campus IT Services and the supporting infrastructure.

What we are asking you to do.

If you are Plymouth Campus based or plan to make use of the Campus on Sunday 18th November.

  • Fully read and understand this notice as it probably affects you in some way.
  • Campus based Staff are requested to turn off PC’s, Apple Macs and printers in their areas last thing on Friday evening before leaving.
  • The power wall socket for the PC/Printer is switched off (To avoid power spike damage from occurring).
  • Check that all PC’s, printers and required AV equipment are turned on at the wall socket and device prior to starting work on Monday morning.

What this means.

A controlled shutdown of all Campus IT computing and networking services not supported by an uninterruptible power supply will commence before the scheduled start of maintenance works by Western Power.

This loss of power will mean that the following IT services and facilities will be unavailable for use on Campus for the duration:

  • Desktop PC’s – except where these have uninterruptible power supply
  • Laptops – except where these are being used standalone on batteries
  • Data network and any device that makes use of it
  • Wifi access including Eduroam
  • Printing
  • Most wired telephones
  • Student Open Access facilities
  • Audio Visual devices and services
  • Remote Access to desktop devices

Note also that the following Campus locations are planned to have extended electrical engineering works until 12:00 Sunday 18th November and will not have full IT services and facilities reinstated until this work is confirmed complete:

  • Scott Building
  • Reynolds Building
  • Smeaton Building

Once works are confirmed as being successfully completed, Campus IT services will be reinstated in a controlled manner. It is expected that all services will be reinstated by 12:00, this is dependant on power works being completed however.

What Technology and Information Services are doing.

In order to protect essential IT Services and infrastructure, Technology and Information Services will be managing a controlled power down of all Student and Staff PC’s and the affected supporting IT infrastructure. This will be commencing 07:00 on Sunday 18th November.

Technology and Information Services staff will be on site to reinstate and verify services in a controlled manner once the engineering works are confirmed as being successfully completed.

Technology and Information Services staff will verify AV service availability ahead of start of business on Monday 19th November.


This powerdown will not affect web based services such as E-mail, OneDrive, Sharepoint/Team sites and the Digital learning environment (Moodle).  These services will remain available.

Modified 15/11/2018