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Specialist Software Services

Specialist Software Services



Provision of specialist academic and business software to PCs across the University.



For centrally purchased software, the service provides procurement, distribution, renewal and maintenance of specialist software (usually academically focused).

For faculty purchased software the service provided covers distribution, management and basic support of the software, with specialist support either provided by the academic and/or technical staff within the faculty or via the vendor.



We encourage staff and students to report issues and ask for services online via:    itselfservice.plymouth.ac.uk

Alternatively, support can be contacted on 01752 588588 Monday-Friday.


Service Owner:

Head of Service Management   


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Service Components:





Buildings Access Control System (BACS)

First Steps


QSR Nvivo


TextHelp Read & Write Gold

Dynistics Active Dashboards

Diving and Sailing Records Service



Qualtrics (Online Survey Tool)

ISIS Sentry (Library Access)   


Hess Pro T


University Wide Software Support


Modified 14/01/2020