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Moving centrally managed IT equipment and IP phones

Requesting Office PC, phone or printer/copier moves, or equipment returns

All moves require you to complete a move request form (see link below) and submit it via our IT Self Service portal. A fully completed move form is required to allow a successful move to take place. If an incomplete form is supplied, you will be contacted to ask for the missing information.


How to submit your request via IT Self Service 

  • Go to: https://itselfservice.plymouth.ac.uk/ 
  • Click ‘Raise a request’ then select ‘Managed PC Move’ from the drop down menu and complete the prompts you are presented with. 
  • Please ensure that the correct spreadsheet is completed for either a PC move or a Printer move and attach the completed form to the ‘PC move’ or ‘Printer Move’ service request on the self service portal.
  • On receipt of your request, Service Desk staff will raise a support call and email the details of the call reference back to you.

 Notice period - The notice period starts when a fully completed form is received.

  • Moving less than 10 PCs requires a minimum of 5 working days’ notice
  • Moving more than 10 PCs requires a minimum of 10 working days’ notice (this will be processed as a change request by Technology and Information Services)
  • Moving a printer requires a minimum of 10 working days’ notice.

The notice period is needed to co-ordinate all relevant actions based on the information you supply in the move form (networking, local support teams, Getech, Ricoh, Telephony etc.). If your move is part of an Estates-managed project then you should contact your project liaison representative initially.


Information required

Before proceeding with the move you will need to obtain your department/school Budget Holder's authority & cost code if applicable.


Details required on the PC Move form:

  • The asset numbers for all devices & details of peripherals which need to be moved
  • Room numbers including the current location and new location
  • The Socket numbers for each device/phone in the current and new location
  • The usernames of the owner of the device
  • If a phone is to be connected to the device please check the phone box
  • Move Date Range - please give the earliest possible and latest required dates (note these can be the same)


Details required on the Printer Move form:

Ricoh Multifunction devices (MFD) are intended to be left in situ, and not moved.  It is appreciated that on occasion a Ricoh MFD may need to be moved due to departmental moves, etc.  Please note any Ricoh move requests will be reviewed by Technology and Information services senior management.

  • The serial number of the printer
  • The model number of the printer
  • Room numbers and building including the current location and new location
  • The network socket number of the printer in the current location and new location
  • Move Date Range - please give the earliest possible and latest required dates (note these can be the same)
  • In the notes/comments column, please provide any additional information such as: 
    • physical security alarms or padlocks
    • contact information for room access and any related queries

Equipment returns

This form can also be used for IT equipment returns.  Please ensure that all equipment to be returned is listed, and left in the location advised in the spreadsheet.


  • Computers should only be moved by the Getech support technician, or with the permission of Getech
  • Printers should only be moved by the Ricoh support technician
  • This move request process is only applicable to leased PCs and leased Canon devices
  • You should arrange with McMullins to transport non-centrally managed computers and printers
  • Your faculty, school or directorate may keep inventory records for non-leased equipment. Please refer to local policies or the local technical manager before moving such equipment

For further advice, you can phone the TIS Service Desk on 01752 (5)88588

July 2019


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Modified 05/08/2019