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Printing, Copying and Scanning

The University has a fleet of printers which provide:


A4 and A3 sizes                                                                           


Black & White or Colour


Enlarge or reduce your originals


Print/copy on coloured paper, card and OHP transparencies.


Scan and send items to your email or save them to your OneDrive

To print or photocopy you will need to add money to your University ID card. You can do this online or at the Information Desk on Level 1 with a debit or credit card.

  • Send your document to Print
  • The printers default to Black and White, double sided. You can change this in the settings / Printer properties.
  • Select Print on MyPrint as the printer
  • Go to any printer in the library and swipe your University ID card through a reader located at the side or tap the screen and enter your University username and password.

If you are printing from your laptop you will need to add the printing queue. Please follow our printing guides

Mobile Print
You can also print from any browser, via email or through an app. Find out how by following our Mobile Print Guide

Charges for printing and copying

Black and White Prints or Photocopies




B&W per side



B&W double sided



Colour Prints or Photocopies




Colour per side



Colour double sided



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Modified 17/11/2021