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Resources for School Experience


The School Experience Collection is located on Level 2 of the library. These teaching resources include fiction and non-fiction books and classroom resources in a variety of formats, e.g. DVDs, posters and project packs. Students on Initial Teaching Training courses can borrow up to 40 items from this collection in addition to their usual allocation. Other library users can borrow these items within their usual book limit for three weeks.


The classification system is as follows:

J 001 – J 999 Junior non-fiction
OS J 001 – OS J 999 Oversize junior non-fiction
J AAA – J ZZZ Junior fiction
JS AAA – JS ZZZ Junior short fiction
JP AAA – JP ZZZ Junior picture books
JPB AAA - JPB ZZZ Junior picture books (large format)
JPL AAA – JPL ZZZ Junior foreign language picture books


The reference only section:
JREF 001 – JREF 999 contains schemes of work and lesson plans for different subject areas.



For further information on how to use this collection follow this link to the Library Subject Guide.
Modified 06/08/2020