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Connectivity, Servers and Storage

Service Category: Connectivity, Servers and Storage


Service Description

Data Storage and Backup Services


We provide a large capacity storage array network to store digital data for Plymouth University servers it manages. We also provide daily backup of this data to allow restoration for up to six months.

Server Management Services


The provision and support of server management services including the proactive monitoring of availability and capacity. TIS will also manage the patching service and routine data capacity management & optimisation tasks to ensure that that the services are secure and performant.


Monitoring Services


The Monitoring platform has been developed to incorporate Enterprise wide monitoring of the University IT Services and Infrastructure.

Network Management Services


 A collection of activities to maintain an effective voice and data communication network which can be both wired and wireless mode technologies. These services provide the connectivity for services such as Internet, Intranet, database access, email and telephony.


Internet Connection Services

High speed wired and Wi-Fi services for accessing the internet and web based services and is available to all staff and students on University premises and Halls of Residence


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Modified 12/01/2017