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Collecting / Renewing Inter Library Loans

Library Services during the Coronavirus 

The Library building is now closed until further notice and therefore you will be unable to collect any Inter Library Loan books or printed articles - you will not be charged any non-collection fees.

If you have any ILL books on loan please keep hold of them until the Library has resumed normal service. Items will be renewed on your behalf, or any overdue ILL fines incurred will be waived.

Please contact us if you have any questions at illply@plymouth.ac.uk

Also see our FAQs Library Guide for further helpful information about accessing resources.



  • If you request a physical copy of an ILL (book, journal or photocopy) you will receive an email informing you of its availability and due date.
  • Please collect your request from the Information Desk on level 1. The item will also be issued to you at the desk.
  • If you are unable to collect your request by the specified time date, contact Inter Library Loans straight away. Failure to collect a request will result in a £15 non-collection fee being added to your account.

Book return date

  • Do not remove the paper label wrapped around the book you receive through Inter Library Loans. It will give you information about the return date and any other restrictions imposed by the British Library.
  • After it is issued to you, the book will show on your Library account as an Inter Library Loan with the date it is due back.

Reference items

Reference only restrictions are imposed by the supplying library, usually because a book is rare or in high demand. Reference items will be kept at the Information Desk for you to use in the library as often as you wish within the loan period.


If there is no one else waiting for the book you should be able to renew, subject to the terms specified by the lender. Each renewal will cost you £5.35 per item.You must renew via email- you cannot renew yourself or at the information desk.   

Please email illply@plymouth.ac.uk team at least 2 days before your book is due for return. 

Contact Details

Inter Library Loans


(01752) 588766


Modified 04/08/2020