1. Media

·       Media Counter and Workshop  - where you can buy materials and prepare work for lectures, seminars and projects

·       Equipment Loan and Edit Suite  - offers a range of Multimedia Equipment for loan and the Edit Suite to put finishing touches to your filming

·       Printing, Copying and Scanning  - available in black & white and colour, from size A4 to A0 on a variety of materials

·     Open Access Computing and Assistive Technology - areas with computers available 24/7, equipped with Specialist Software 


  The University also has its own:

·        Reprographic facilities - Document Production Centre (Design and Print)

·        Broadcasting and video facilities (for internal staff use only) - Video Production and Video Conferencing



1.1. Media Supplies and Equipment

Media Supplies and Equipment


The library holds a range of media stock, including graphics materials and some computing consumables. These are available for purchase from the Information Desk on level 1, open 24/7 .

A Selection of Stock Items


Various Binders

£0.30 - £6.90

OHP - A4 - A3 Black & White and Inkjet and Colour

£0.10 - £0.35

A4 - A2 Card - in various colours

£0.05 - £0.50

A4 - A2 Paper - in various colours

£0.02 - £0.10


£0.50 - £1.50

USB Storage Media - 8GB - 32GB

£4.30 - £16.20

Lamination - A4 - A1

£0.35 - £2.50

A1 Mountboard - in Black or White


Black & White film - 35mm - 120mm

£4.13 - £ 5.02

Black & White photographic paper - in various sizes

£9.37 - £66.96

Colour film - 35mm - 120mm

£6.30 - £28.31

Colour photographic paper - in various sizes

£28.31 - £45.74

Full media and photographic stock lists can be found as attachments at the bottom of the page


A self-service area where you can prepare work using a variety of materials and equipment is located on level 1 of the library. Visual and written instructions are displayed, and staff at the Information Desk are available if you need help.
NB Please refer to your student handbook as your faculty may have specific requirements for binding your project.

Comb Binder:
  • Allows pages to be added or removed
  • A set consists of a black plastic spiral binder, a clear acetate front cover and a piece of card for the back cover
  • A range of widths are available up to 450 page document
  • A4 portrait and A3 landscape documents can be bound  
Price: Binder £0.30Acetate £0.25; A4 card £0.05/ £0.10

Comb Binding Demo 

Uni Binder:

  • A white spine with clear plastic front and back covers attached. Pages are glued in by heating the spine
  • Binders come in various widths up to 100 pages
  • Suitable for A4 documents only
Price: Binder £1.00

Wire Binder:
  • A metal spiral binder often used for art, photography and architecture projects
  • Binders come in various widths up to 120 pages
  • Available in A4 and A5 sizes

Price: Binder £1.00

Channel/Hard Cover Binder:
  • Channel binding offers a professional-looking hard cover finish
  • Pages are clamped together in a steel spine
  • Covers are available in blue and black leather-look finish and a range of widths, holding up to 175 pages
  • Hard cover binding and gold lettering - available from Bretonside Copy and Mail Boxes Etc.Plymouth and The Art Side.

Price: Binder = £5.50 or £6.90 - depending on width

1.2. Equipment Loans and Edit Suite

Equipment Loans and Edit Suite

Equipment Loan Service - Information Desk on Level 1

We recommend you reserve equipment in advance to ensure availability. You can book:
  • at the Information Desk,

  • by phone on 01752 588588 (select Option 3 – Student IT Support)

  • By logging on to Primo and making the reservation yourself
Loan Period
Equipment can be borrowed for seven days maximum and reserved up to 12 weeks in advance.
Borrowed equipment can be renewed, subject to availability, in person at the Information Desk on Level 1.
Borrowing is free of charge.
If you return equipment late and another user has booked it, you may incur an overdue fee.
The University’s
insurance does not cover any item on loan to you. Please consider taking out insurance cover for the equipment you borrow.
If you damage or lose equipment, you will be liable for the full replacement cost.

Equipment available

Sony CX280 Camcorders

Perfect for beginners. Lightweight, easy to use and with full HD quality. Just open the screen and lens, and press record. The attached USB lead makes it easy to move footage onto your PC or laptop.
The same USB is used for charging the batteries. The Sony CX280 can shoot around 7 hours of footage and comes with two batteries.
Instruction manual below.
Sony CX410 Camcorders
A higher spec version of the CX280. Comes with GPS, WIFI and external sound monitoring.

If professional sound is important for your project, the external microphone and headphones enables you to check the sound quality of your recordings.
Instruction manual below.



Go Pro Hero 3 Cameras
Fitted inside a waterproof cage, the Go Pro is resistant to most types of weather, as well as being protected from jolts and knocks.

The camera can film at full HD and comes with a wide angled lens.
An extendable pole with a tripod adapter allows you to film from above or at a distance. A body harness with extender arm allows you to film hands free.
Instruction manual below.
Digital Stills Cameras
These cameras will take pictures directly onto a CF card issued with the camera, along with a card reader.

Instruction manual provided on CD.
These are available for use with video camcorders and digital stills cameras.
Hama Mini Traveller Pro Tripods

The Hama Mini Traveller Pro is a lightweight yet sturdy tripod, perfect for shooting on the move. Comes with a small carry bag.

RODE Videomic

For use with our Sony CX410 camcorders, these provide professional audio recording.

Useful for recording sound on the move, the RODE Videomic is compact and lightweight, and comes with high pass switch which stops sounds like traffic or air conditioning from being picked up.

Sennheiser Headphones

For use with our Sony CX410 camcorders, these provide professional audio feedback so you can ensure that what you’re recording is also what you are hearing.

Sony ICD-PX333 Audio Recorders
The Sony ICD-PX333 is a perfect audio recorder to capturing lectures or interviews. Simply press record and then plug into your PC or laptop where it works the same way as a USB stick.
You also have the option to plug in headphones and an external microphone if you want more control over the audio you are recording.
Digital Video Camera Recorder Manuals

Edit Suite

To book the Edit Suite ask at the Information Desk on Level 1.  Booking in advance is not essential but recommended to ensure availability of machines.

Only one person is required to make a booking on behalf of a group, but the edit suite has limited space so please be aware of other users and be courteous if there are a group of you working together.
It is available during core hours and is free to use.

Facilities include linked recorders for:

  • Basic editing, duplicating tapes
  • Transferring to DVD
  • Digital video editing system for more ambitious projects
  • Incorporating special effects, audio editing
  • Mastering to various formats
  • The editing software installed is Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 
1.3. Printing, Copying and Scanning

Printing, Copying and Scanning

Multifunction Devices

The University has a fleet of Canon digital black & white and colour multifunction devices which offer:

  • Standard A4 and A3 size prints/copies
  • Black & white or Colour prints/copies
  • Enlarge or reduce your originals
  • 2-sided prints/copies
  • Sorting and stapling finishing options
  • Scanning to USB 
  • Prints/copies on coloured paper, card and OHP transparencies, sold at the Library Information Desk

    Full instructions are displayed above all library printers/copiers


How the system works

All students with a computing account automatically have a copy and print account.

To print or copy swipe your University card through the readers attached to all devices. Value is not held on the card itself but on a centrally held account - much like a debit card.


To add money to a print account:
  • Pay online with a debit or credit card. Follow the top-up webpage instructions; it’s quick and secure.
  • Pay with a credit or debit card at the Library Information Desk, Plymouth campus
  • Swipe your University card at one of the money loaders and insert coins or notes

Print account credit can also be used to pay library charges and to buy media materials from the Library Information Desk.

Log in to your print account to view/get a print-out of your itemised transactions - may be used to reclaim print/copy costs. 

If the print system goes offline, your print account balance will automatically be set to £10 credit. Any credit used is recorded, and once the system is back online, your actual balance will be displayed.
If you forget your University card, staff at the Information Desk can check your ID and supply your card number for you to type into a printer and retrieve your print jobs.  
For details of what you are able to copy under copyright law see the Copyright and Licensing Library Guide.

Charges for printing and copying 

B&W using Standard-Printer/Copier


A4                 A3

B&W Photocopies or Prints per side

5p                 10p

B&W Photocopies or Prints doubled sided

9p                  19p


Colour using Standard-Printer/Copier


A4                 A3

Colour Photocopies or Prints per side

25p                 35p

Colour Photocopies or Prints doubled sided

45p                  65p


Large Format Colour and B&W Printing


A4            A3           A2            A1            A0


£1             £2           £4            £6             £8

Scanning to a USB is free of charge.
Locations, Help and Assistance




Standard & WideFormat Devices

Help and Assistance


Level 1


Enquiries Desk, Level 1


Level 4


FoBIT, Cookworthy, Room 020


Level 1


FoBIT, Cookworthy, Room 020


Level 0


FoBIT, Cookworthy, Room 020


Level 2


Room 308

John Bull

Level 2


Adjacent to cafeteria

Knowledge Spa, Truro

Room H106


Level 4


Level 0


Information Desk, Level 1


Level 1

4 (plus two wide format)

Information Desk, Level 1


Level 2


Information Desk, Level 1


Level 1


Room 113

Mast House

Level 1


FoBIT, Cookworthy, Room 020

PAHC, Marjon

Level 1


Room GF18

Portland Square

Level 2


Room C522

Roland Levinsky

Level 1


Room 204

Roland Levinsky

Level 2


Room 204

Roland Levinsky

Level 6


Level 6


Level 3


Room 110

Royal William Yard


            Mills Bakery


Level 2

1 (Plus WideFormat)

The Hub, Level 2


Level 1


Room 106






























See below for Plymouth Campus map and library floor guide, and full instructions for standard and wide format devices.


If you have any queries contact us:

Email libraryandITenquiries@plymouth.ac.uk Tel (01752) 588588, or ask at the Information Desk, Library level 1.

1.4. Open Access Computing and Assistive Technology

Open Access Computing and Software for learners

Open Access Computing

There are 210 PCs available in the Library which are available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.  Anyone with a University Card has access to this facility.

  •  Level 0 = 128 PCs
  •  Level 1 = 56 PCs
  •  Level 2 = 11 PCs
  •  Level 3 = 15 PCs

High Spec PCs on Level 0 (outside 008 & at South West of 003):

Priority for these machines is given to Library users using the engineering software provided:

  • ANSYS Icepak 14.9
  • LUSAS Modeller
  • Master series
  • SolidWorks
  • Tekla Structures

Weekly updates are performed to install the latest software and security patches. This requires a period of shutdown, generally during the night. Each computer has a tag attached with details of shutdown times. If you are logged in to a computer you will also receive a pop-up warning to give you time to save your work and log out.

Assistance is available via IT Services.
To check availability of PCs across the campus, use the PC Finder tool.

Software for learners

Specialist software is available on all university computers.
This is ‘brain-storming’ or ‘mind-mapping’ software. It can help you with organising essays, arranging notes, planning presentations, etc.


TextHELP Read&Write:

This programme includes the following features:
  • Screen reader - to read aloud from documents and web pages
  • Spell checker - homonyms (bare/bear etc.)
  • Word Wizard - to help you understand what you read


Click the links below for short guides:



This software allows you to capture everything you hear without writing, and highlight key points for review with a click. Plus you can add your slides, diagrams and text notes to the same project.



If you are registered with Disability Assist, you can borrow a laptop from the Information Desk. The laptops can be used in the Library only and may not be taken out of the building.

Braille Printer:
There is a Braille Printer in Room 117 on Level 1. This machine is only linked to the computer beside it. Paper for this printer can be obtained from the Information Desk on Level 1.
See the Library Guide for more information on assistive equipment and software.