Autorun is disabled on University PCs
When a disc or a drive is inserted in to a PC, Windows detects the arrival and checks the contents for a special file containing a set of instructions. This normally initiates some software to run or install on the PC. This feature is known as Autorun (in some cases Autoplay).
The Autorun function has been used as a vector for malware and viruses for some time, with virus infections commonly seen on pen drives.
To prevent the spread of malicious software on University machines Autorun has been disabled.
To manually achieve the same functionality as Autorun you will need to:
  • Open the drive or disc you have just attached via My Computer (Start, My Computer)
  • Double click on Autorun.inf. The .inf file will open in notepad
  • The Inf file will contain a line which reads: Open=****.exe
  • Find the exe mentioned in the Open= line and double click on it.