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Media Supplies and Equipment

Media Supplies and Equipment


The library holds a range of media stock, including graphics materials and some computing consumables. These are available for purchase from the Information Desk on level 1, open 24/7 .

A Selection of Stock Items


Various Binders

£0.30 - £6.90

OHP - A4 - A3 Black & White and Inkjet and Colour

£0.10 - £0.35

A4 - A2 Card - in various colours

£0.05 - £0.50

A4 - A2 Paper - in various colours

£0.02 - £0.10


£0.50 - £1.50

USB Storage Media - 8GB - 32GB

£4.30 - £16.20

Lamination - A4 - A1

£0.35 - £2.50

A1 Mountboard - in Black or White


Black & White film - 35mm - 120mm

£4.13 - £ 5.02

Black & White photographic paper - in various sizes

£9.37 - £66.96

Colour film - 35mm - 120mm

£6.30 - £28.31

Colour photographic paper - in various sizes

£28.31 - £45.74

Full media and photographic stock lists can be found as attachments at the bottom of the page


A self-service area where you can prepare work using a variety of materials and equipment is located on level 1 of the library. Visual and written instructions are displayed, and staff at the Information Desk are available if you need help.
NB Please refer to your student handbook as your faculty may have specific requirements for binding your project.

Comb Binder:
  • Allows pages to be added or removed
  • A set consists of a black plastic spiral binder, a clear acetate front cover and a piece of card for the back cover
  • A range of widths are available up to 450 page document
  • A4 portrait and A3 landscape documents can be bound  
Price: Binder £0.30Acetate £0.25; A4 card £0.05/ £0.10

Comb Binding Demo 

Uni Binder:

  • A white spine with clear plastic front and back covers attached. Pages are glued in by heating the spine
  • Binders come in various widths up to 100 pages
  • Suitable for A4 documents only
Price: Binder £1.00

Wire Binder:
  • A metal spiral binder often used for art, photography and architecture projects
  • Binders come in various widths up to 120 pages
  • Available in A4 and A5 sizes

Price: Binder £1.00

Channel/Hard Cover Binder:
  • Channel binding offers a professional-looking hard cover finish
  • Pages are clamped together in a steel spine
  • Covers are available in blue and black leather-look finish and a range of widths, holding up to 175 pages
  • Hard cover binding and gold lettering - available from Bretonside Copy and Mail Boxes Etc.Plymouth and The Art Side.

Price: Binder = £5.50 or £6.90 - depending on width

Modified 10/08/2017
Author: Kimani, Jacqueline