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Information about PlymDesk6
PlymDesk6 is the name given to the service providing Plymouth University’s centrally managed fleet of Windows PCs for the whole organisation supplied by Viglen.  Viglen won the contract to supply hardware to the University in 2012 and by early 2013 around 5800 devices were deployed.  Viglen chose Toshiba to provide the laptops supplied to the fleet.

The current fleet is deployed with Windows 7 operating system, replacing Windows XP which was nearly 12 years old and reached the end of its life in 2014.

The technology refresh is predicted to reduce our energy bills and our PC carbon footprint by 30%-40% due to the greater efficiency of the components. The Windows 7 based service provides an improved desktop interface, leading to increased productivity in your work role or learning space.

The devices for the new fleet have been selected to fit the overall business needs, accounting for the widest variety of requirements within a manageable range of devices. We have also been directed to provide more flexibility and agility in the business, particularly leading us towards more mobile working.

To deliver this, the PlymDesk6 fleet comprises 4 different models:

• A well-equipped Viglen desktop.
• A Viglen workstation designed for a variety of demanding applications.
• A small light laptop from Toshiba, ideal for mobile working.
• A larger/heavier Toshiba laptop, where a slightly larger screen is valued above weight.

All laptops are provided (when needed) with a screen, keyboard, mouse and docking solution, allowing them to be used as a desktop and with very similar performance, but allowing the 'pick up and go' flexibility when needed.

PlymDesk6 PCs and Laptops will run on the Windows7 operating system.  Click here for Windows7 Help and Training.
If you require further information about PlymDesk6 please email 
Note: All staff should complete the on-line DSE Risk assessment once they have received their new equipment.
Click here to obtain a copy of the DSE Code of Practice
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Modified 13/09/2016
Author: Burrell, Dave